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  • Guest blogging
  • Expert roundups
  • Ego bait
  • Local Directories
  • Brand mentions
  • Sponsorships

Table Of Content

Guest Blogging
  • For better results, consider choosing websites with a lower domain authority, ideally 35+.
  • To better understand the type of content that appeals to the target audience of a blog, check their top-performing posts. This will give you an idea of the topics and themes that the readers find engaging. By doing so, you can also identify the areas where the blog owner may want to focus while creating new content.
  • Next, please make sure that you do not choose the same topic for your blog post as the top-performing post. For example, if the top-performing post is about SEO mistakes, you could write on how to avoid those mistakes (if the post hasn’t covered it yet). Or even write a completely new article about backlinks.
  • Come up with some ideas and then present them to the owner of the blog.
  • Mentioning a specific detail from the article you read on their blog that would be impossible to know without reading it.
  • Secondly, go through their homepage. Tell them something unique about their business that you appreciate.
  • Thirdly, solve a problem. In fact, offer them a solution for free. Offering them something for free. For example, you can share some free tools that will help them.
  • Lastly, clearly mention the benefits readers will get from the article when writing your guest post pitch. Moreover, mention unique perspectives that you can add to their content. Present yourself as a thought leader.

2. Expert Roundups – Link Building For Startups

Expert Roundups
  • Create relationships with influencers.
  • Showcase your company’s knowledge in a particular field.
  • Generate backlinks to your website.

3. Ego Bait – Link Building For Startups

Ego Bait

4. Local Directories – Link Building For Startups

Local Directories

5. Brand Mentions – Link Building For Startups

Brand Mentions

6. Sponsorships – Link Building For Startups

  • Event Sponsorship: Gain visibility and brand exposure by sponsoring events. Your support may earn you a valuable backlink.
  • Podcast or Webinar Sponsorship: Consider backing podcasts or webinars for potential backlink opportunities. Your support could translate into a link to your website.
  • Conference Sponsorship: Position your brand in front of a niche audience by sponsoring conferences. It’s a strategic move for visibility and potential backlinks.
  • Non-Profit Sponsorships: Align with non-profits to support a meaningful cause and secure authoritative backlinks. It’s a win-win, contributing to a great cause while boosting your site’s credibility.

Tools That Can Help You for Link Building For Startups

Bonus Tips – Link Building For Startups

Endnote – Remember That You’re Talking To People, Not Robots When You Build Links

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