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So you should be absolutely clear about what works and what doesn’t.

And there are a lot more link building lessons we have shared inside…So, let’s get started.

  • When to start building backlinks?
  • Link building method that won’t work in 2024.
  • Does paid link building work?
  • So, what exactly works in link building?
  • How is link building related to niches?
  • Five steps to running a successful link-building campaign.
  • The best tools for building backlinks.
  • How to build links with no money.

Table Of Content

⏳When To Start Building Backlinks

Link Building Methods That Won’t Work In 2024?

  • First off, forget about forum link-building for ranking. Most forums now slap a no-follow tag on outgoing links, rendering your efforts useless. So, if you are doing it for ranking – stop doing it. It can only help you with your overall visibility.
  • Web 2.0 links for ranking? Nope. Firstly, most people spam these platforms. So, it is better to carefully overhaul these links. It’s okay to use these links to improve your digital footprint.
  • Blog comment links? Don’t bother. Most blogs also no-follow these links, making your time and effort go down the drain. It’s a common pitfall.
  • PBNs (Private Blog Networks) have a catch. Well-constructed ones do the trick but beware of the ones from sketchy forums. They can bring your site down fast.

🤔💡Myth Debunked: Paid Link Not Necessary Leads To A Search Engine Penalty

🚀So, What Exactly Works In Building Backlinks?

What Exactly Works In Building Backlinks
  • Look for sites drawing over 3000 Google traffic.
  • Again, check their DA (at least: 30+; we recommend: 40+), and DR (45+).
  • If possible, check the trust flow score because it’s a clear indicator of authoritativeness. A score of 50 or above indicates higher authority. Go for at least 30+ sites.
  • Genuine, quality content is a green flag.
  • Avoid sites that look like a community intended for link exchanges.
  • Ensure they’re penalty-free.
  • Check for an “about us” page; real people behind the site signal authenticity.

✅👉Building Backlinks Is Different For Every Niche. Customize Your Strategy For Every Niche

Step-By-Step Link Building Campaign For Authoritative Backlinks

Step-1: Choose Your Campaign Type Wisely

Choose Your Campaign Type Wisely
  1. Link insertions
  2. Guest posts
  • It’s an infographic you can add to an existing content.
  • In-depth, high quality, Long-format content (industry insights, how-to guides, etc.)
  • Data-driven content backed by original research. (surveying your users on a specific topic and then sharing their insights.)
  • A free tool that solves a specific problem.

Step-2: Link Prospecting

Link Prospecting
  • Strategic Niche Selection: Align your niche with target blog categories. For instance, if you’re in the wellness sector, search for blogs on fitness, meditation, or healthy living. Google queries like “meditation blog” yield prospects.
  • Keyword-Centric Linking: Identify articles where your content adds value. For instance, if promoting a new productivity app, search for articles using keywords like “boost productivity” or “time management tips.” Prospects in these articles are more likely to appreciate your resource.
  • Natural Product Mentions: Discover articles organically mentioning products similar to yours. Suppose you offer eco-friendly office supplies; look for articles about “sustainable office practices” or “green workspace ideas.”
  • Competitor Analysis for Outreach: Analyze competitors using tools like Ahrefs. Extract valuable backlinks they’ve secured. If a competitor in your industry earned a link, there’s potential for you too. This is a smart way to identify relevant targets.
  • Leverage Existing Connections: Utilize relationships with sites already linking to you. Tools like Ahrefs or Semrush help identify backlink profiles. Engage with these connections, especially smaller bloggers open to reciprocal linking.

Step-3: Finding The Point Of Contact

Finding The Point Of Contact
  • For media sites, engage with the post author.
  • In corporate landscapes, your target audience is the head of content, editor-in-chief, or digital marketing.
  • For personal blogs, the owner is your go-to.

Step-4: Creating Customized Pitch

Creating Customized Pitch

(i) Subject Line Mastery

  • Tailor it to the niche, like “[name], I’m stuck in bronze, send help.”
  • Keep it looking like a personal email, adding a touch of curiosity.
  • Examples: “Question, [name]?” or an intriguing intro – “[name] <> [name].”

(ii) Body Copy Brilliance

  • For instance, “Your recipes are mouthwatering! Planning [latest recipe] for dinner with my [wife/husband].”
  • Add jokes or references related to the niche. As a green thumb enthusiast, I “wanted to leave you a message and plant a few seeds of inspiration.”

(iii) Email Etiquette

  • Link back from a future guest post on a third-party site.
  • Share their content with your Twitter audience.
  • Pay for the link.
  • Propose a backlink exchange.
  • Provide free access to your software.
  • Offer X free credits to your SaaS tool.

(iv) Your Unique Touch

Step-5 – Launching Your Backlink Campaign With Finesse

Launching Your Backlink Campaign With Finesse

(i) Outreach Technicalities

(ii) Email Volume Insights

(iii) Deliverability Tactics

(iv) Your Move

Best Tools For Building Effective Backlinks

Are You Short On Money? How Can You Build Backlinks?

(i) Find Cool Blogs

(ii) Fix Broken Links, Make Friends

(iii) Picture Power With Infographics

(iv) Guest Posting

(v) Check On Competitors And Be A Detective

(vi) Help Answer Questions

(v) How To Talk To Others

(vi) Keep Looking For Good Opportunities

(vii) Quora Tips

(viii) Yahoo Answers Magic

(ix) Growing Online Takes Time

(x) Saving Money While Growing

(xi) Good Things Will Happen

(xii) Talking To Your Friends Online

Wrap Up!

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