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We all write emails in different circumstances in our lives. There are those people who write emails to close deals while others write emails when making applications. One thing that is clear is that whatever email you write has to be perfect.

It is only by a perfect email that you will be able to get feedback from your recipient. Well, when you write an email there are always two possibilities in terms of outcomes. Either, your email will be responded to or in some cases you will not get feedback.

In most cases when people fail to get feedback, they tend to think that that is the end. There are those that think that failure to get a response means that their emails have been declined. However, that is always not the case, there is a chance a response is on its way.

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Time is Taken to Respond to Your Email

Respond email

There is no exact time within which people take before writing back a response email. There are those that write back a response immediately while others take time to respond. The different people who respond immediately while others take time to respond.

For this reason, it is very important that we learn how to write a follow up email. This will help you to write back to your recipient to enhance the chances of getting back feedback. In fact, it is proven that there are people who respond to follow up emails compared to other emails.

For this reason, learning how to write a follow-up email is one thing that you need to learn right away. Do not be afraid of writing a follow-up email for fear of bothering your recipient. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact, this is something that people do quite often.

You need to do is to make sure that you draft the follow-up email in the right way. It is because of this that we have taken time to help you know how to write a follow up email.

We are certain that the information below will help you as you learn how to write a follow up email. The information is in steps and will help you draft the best follow up email.

Step 1

So, you just met this guy and talked about a business deal and you even wrote him an email. However, contrary to your expectations you are yet to get back feedback and time is moving. At this time, you are getting worried and wondering whether your email was read or not.

Well, this is the perfect opportunity for you to write a follow-up email. Well whereas follow up emails have been proven to work, how you write them makes a big difference. It is how you write the follow-up email that will determine whether you will get back a response.

How to write a follow up email?

follow up email

When learning how to write a follow up email there are some things you need to know. Always know that a follow-up email is always different from the real email. Before you write this email, it is important for you to sit back and come up with clear goals.

Make sure you bring out your goals perfectly in the follow-up email if you need a precise response. The objective of your email is one thing that we are really emphasizing on in this case. Depending on what was in your previous email, you need to bring out the same goals in the follow-up email.

Call to action

The other thing you need to consider is the aspect of the call to action. Try and incorporate a strong call to action aspect in your email. This has been proven to work much better when you use the call to action feature. Many people will be more willing to meet you to help you achieve your objective.

There are some things that we need to consider writing your objectives in our follow up email. This will help you to bring out the objective part well in your email. For instance, you need to dwell so much on the information needed.

If you met a business associate and you forgot to seek some clarification in your email this is for you. If you forgot, to ask anything in your previous email you can bring it out in your objective. You only need to set the goals in your objective in a way that you will be understood.

Requesting a meeting


Other than that, there is the meeting request part of it. If you are aiming to meet the recipient of your email you also need to bring that properly. Do not just state that you need to meet someone, that might show some lack of seriousness.

If you are serious about meeting, then you need to move ahead and even suggest a location. This will bring out the seriousness to the recipient of the email.

The meeting request is another area where you need to dwell in the follow-up email. We have discussed this before and we need to insist on it for the best of your understanding. If you choose to suggest a meeting in your email, go ahead and give some directions on the same.

Catch up section

The last thing that you need to talk about when learning how to write a follow up email is the catch-up section. Try and talk and show some concerns in the follow-up email. For instance, if you are writing to someone who is in a company ask them how their company is doing.

If the company has expanded in its operations, that means you stand a better chance of having your request considered. However, you need to be very careful and state perfectly what you are hoping to catch up in your email. This will help you to stop sounding lazy or even vague.

The last thing you need to do is to say thank you. It is unfortunate that many people do not always do this when writing they’re follow up emails. A simple thank you in your email can go a long way in helping you get a response.

In most cases, when you include the tank you bit of it you will leave your recipient feeling somehow positive.

Step 2

It is right to say that people in offices and other places receive so many emails in just one day. This way, they may fail to remember you or remember the details of your previous email. For this reason, it is very important for you to include some sort of identifier in your follow up email.

Doing so is very essential especially if you have taken so much time before communicating with the recipient. The provision of context around your previous email will help the recipient to remember you with ease. The reason why we are emphasizing this is that these people receive way too many emails.

Step 3

After going through the other steps of how to write a follow up email its tine we moved ahead. At this time, we need you to state the purpose of writing the follow up email. You need to make sure you do this in a proper way that will capture the attention of the recipient.

When it comes to the purpose of writing a follow up email, you need to be straightforward. Just state your intentions as you need them without appearing to sound somehow vague. Many people when writing they’re follow up email appear to be so confusing.

This is something that you need to avoid at any given time in the follow up email. Try and be as much clear as you can to avoid causing unnecessary confusion. There are so many ways you can use to do this.

For instance, if you are writing to organize a meeting you need to bring it out well and direct. For instance, you can use a phrase like I wanted us to meet for a drink while we discuss something. This way, your recipient will be able to understand you without any confusion.

With the best clarity and high level of specificity, your contacts will feel confident not wasting time. They will be able to easily understand why you are seeking their attention and the importance of that. This will certainly help you to get the response you need in the manner in which you need it.

Step 4

There is a need for you to write a strong and eye-catching email if you need to get a response. You need to work through the content of the email itself before writing the subject line of the email. This is the only way you can use it in writing a strong eye-catching subject line.

The subject line you write will compel the recipient to want to open the email. For this reason, the subject line has to be a perfect description of what is in your email.  When it comes to writing subject lines, there are some tips that you can use to make it perfect.

For instance, you need to try and use concrete numbers and times as well. It is proven that emails that contain word quick in the subject line are always opened faster. If you need your email to be opened this way, then this is one trick you can use.

The other trick you can use is creating a sense of urgency like using the words tomorrow. Emails with tomorrow in the subject line have a high likelihood of getting opened. If you are looking for a trick that will help you to have your email open, then this is it.

Lastly, you can try to omit the subject line. Yes, much as it might sound funny but this is also true and something you need to try. It is also proven that those emails that had no subject line were opened more compared to those with it.

Step 5

After writing the follow up email, you have everything perfectly in this place. The only thing that is remaining is for you to send the follow up email that you have drafted. So, at what time exactly do you send off your email. It is important you know that when you send off your email also matters a lot.

Depending on your situation, it is always right for you to send your email at the right time. By this, we mean sending your email at a time when you stand the highest chance of getting a response. There is so much that has to do with the schedule of the recipient and the relevance of your email.

We cannot go further into this because every email case is unique on its own. However, what is important to note here is that you should submit the follow up email after some time. For instance, you need to make sure that your previous email is read.

If you are certain that the email you sent upfront is read and not responded to, you can follow it up. If the email was very urgent then two days from the time of writing will be perfect for you.


It is no doubt that knowing how to write a follow up email is by no means an easy thing. However, with the steps above we are certain you will be able to come up with a perfect follow up email. These tips will help you significantly when it comes to writing a follow up email. It is an excellent strategy that will take your marketing efforts to the next level as long as you implement it well. Start using these tips now and you will have no regrets.

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