“We Don’t Trust Links From Sites We Know Are Spam” – Important Highlights From May 2023 Google SEO Office Hours

We Don't Trust Links From Sites We Know Are Spam
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Did you hear about the latest Google SEO office hours, where they addressed some crucial aspects of SEO? One of the most significant questions they clarified was:

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When asked about it, Duy Nguyen from the Google Search Quality team had this to say:

“I assume by ‘penalize’ you mean that the domain was demoted by our spam algorithms or manual actions. In general, yes, we don’t trust links from sites we know are spam. This helps us maintain the quality of our anchor signals.”

Apart From This, There Were A Few Other Really Interesting Questions, Like: 👇

“Is Doing Off Page SEO Submissions To Directory & Social Bookmarking Sites Worth It?
I like this question because it reminds me of the times when I was doing SEO 15 years ago! In short, I wouldn’t waste my time with directory submissions and social bookmarking. You’re likely wasting time on things that are not going to help at all.”

Does The Backend Of A Website Matter For Ranking?
No, it generally doesn’t matter. However, the performance and behavior of it does though. For instance, if your server is particularly slow then that can have some impact on ranking.”

To Get A Complete Experience Of May 2023 Google SEO Office Hours, Watch The Video:

Video Reference: https://bit.ly/3nwBcol

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