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Hiring People Got 40k+ Traffic In JUST 2 Months

Hiring People Got 40k+ Traffic in JUST 2 Months

For any brand, standing out can be challenging in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Hiring People, a prominent job platform, faced this very struggle.

Seeking to increase their online visibility, drive targeted traffic, and enhance their search engine rankings, they turned to our SEO agency for assistance.

Leveraging our expertise, specifically our guest posting services, we embarked on a journey to propel Hiring People to new heights.

About The Brand

About The Brand

Hiring People revolutionized the recruitment industry as one of the pioneering fixed-fee recruitment companies.

Their platform reduces the reliance on agencies, resulting in significant savings in recruitment expenses. They use multi-job boards so clients can access millions of candidates quickly and efficiently.

Client Requirement

Their existing online presence was not yielding the desired results. They needed a strategy to enhance their visibility, increase organic traffic, and improve their search engine rankings.

Client Requirement

Our mission was to deliver a tailor-made solution to address these challenges head-on. With that aim, we offered them guest posting services.

Every respect the liberty of every advertiser. We chose their preferred publisher by reviewing all the metrics, prices, traffic, geography, etc. We do not force anyone or engage in handholding. The advertiser is at complete liberty.

Clients’ Expectations Included The Below-Mentioned Point:

They Wanted Publishers’ Sites With
DA30 = 10k traffic/month
DA40 = 20k traffic/month
DA50 = 30k traffic/month

Here’s How We Executed It

Here's How We Executed It

Here is the plan that we followed for them:

Outreach: We thoroughly researched the job industry, identifying high-authority websites and platforms relevant to Hiring People’s niche. This step ensured our guest posts would resonate with the target audience and attract relevant traffic.

Relationship Building: Our client relationship team reached out to publishers and ensured a smooth and mutually beneficial collaboration.

Strategic Placement: We strategically placed guest posts on authoritative websites with a large and engaged audience. By selecting platforms aligned with their target demographic, we maximized the impact of each guest post, driving quality traffic back to the brand’s website.

100% Original and SEO-Optimized Content: Our team of skilled writers developed well-researched, informative, and engaging articles to captivate readers and establish brands as an authority in the job industry. The content was tailored to suit the preferences and guidelines of each target website.

Permanent Indexed Links: We tried offering them a prompt solution once they placed an order with us. They got permanent links for every guest posting order.


The impact of our guest posting services on their online presence was nothing short of remarkable.

Here Are The Key Results Achieved Within A Span Of Just 2 Months

Significant Jump In Traffic (43k-85k): They experienced an impressive 85,000+ website visitors, capturing the attention of job seekers and employers alike.


Higher Organic Keywords (6.8k): They secured top positions for multiple industry-specific keywords, increasing their visibility and attracting organic traffic.

Enhanced Referring Domains: Our guest posting services facilitated the acquisition of high-quality backlinks from reputable websites, increasing their referring domains. This, in turn, improved their website’s authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Referring Domains

Quality Backlinks: Hiring People earned a wealth of valuable backlinks by publishing content on influential platforms. These backlinks drove referral traffic and contributed to higher search engine rankings, amplifying Hiring People’s online visibility and organic reach.

2X Leads, Sign-ups, And Queries

Our solutions have delivered exceptional results for the client, yielding a remarkable 2x increase in lead generation, sign-ups, and queries. Through strategically placing guest posts, we have attracted more interested prospects, resulting in higher conversions and engagement.

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