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What Is Mobile SEO?

What Is Mobile SEO
  • Loads fast and does not lag.
  • Understandable by search engines.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Has quality readable content that does not strain the eyes.
  • Offers value to users.

Importance Of Mobile SEO 

Best Practices Of Mobile SEO

Best Practices Of Mobile SEO

(i) Improve Loading Time Or Page Speed For Mobile Site SEO

  • Check for image optimization. Add an image optimization plugin to help you with this 
  • Host videos on Vimeo or YouTube. Videos hosted on your website serve as a great factor for site speed. 
  • Create accelerated mobile pages (AMP). Google’s AMP will help in increasing your site’s speed.
  • Use tools like GTmetrix to conduct load testing. This determines the steps to take to increase site speed.

(ii) Optimize The Metas: Titles, URLs, And Description For SERPs 

(iii) Logically Structure Your Site For Mobile Devices

  • Ditch the complicated menus that do not fit on the small screens. Instead, opt for hamburger-style, simplified menus that are easily navigable.
  • Ensure buttons and links are big enough for users to easily click (especially with thumbs).
  • Include a search functionality bar to easily find pages and content your users want.

(iv) Use Responsive Web Design

(v) Don’t Use Popups 

(vi) Design For Optimum Impact 

(vii) Optimize Your Website For Local Mobile SEO 

Final Thoughts 

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