What Do You Think About Matching Google’s Rewrite of Title Tags? John Mueller Shares His Thoughts

What Do You Think About Matching Google's Rewrite of Title Tags? John Mueller Shares His Thoughts
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Hey there, fellow SEO enthusiasts! Today, let’s delve into a topic that’s been buzzing around the web lately – title tags and Google’s rewrite of them. You know, those snippets of text that appear as clickable links in search results.

Now, we all want our websites to rank high in search results, right? It’s like a badge of honour in the digital realm. But the question is, should we blindly follow Google’s rewrites of our title tags?

John Mueller, the ever-wise Google Search Advocate, has some intriguing insights on this matter. And, trust me, it’s not as simple as it seems.

So, what’s the deal with rewriting your site’s name in the title tag?

John Mueller has some valuable insights on this matter. He advises against assuming that a rewritten version is superior for both SEO and users. Instead, he recommends retaining the site name in the title, as it aids in confirming the site’s identity, displayed above the title.

Moreover, keeping the site name in the title is a familiar pattern, widely recognized and understood by users. So, according to Mueller, there’s no need to alter it just for Google’s sake.

In a moment of reflection, Mueller also realised that this practice of matching the title element to what Google displays is likely something many people do.

Always remember, the primary purpose of the title tag is to captivate and entice users. It’s not just about impressing search engines.


  • Rewriting a site name may not necessarily be better for SEO or users.
  • Keeping the site name in the title makes it easier to verify the site.
  • Matching the title element to what Google shows is a common practice.
  • Consider the audience when deciding whether to include the site name in the title.
  • The title is primarily for users, not just for search engines.
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