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You spend hours on Instagram watching reels. Right? However, regarding business, you haven’t made the most out of Instagram.

We are in 2023, and Instagram is gaining a lot of momentum. So, it is high time that you must take advantage of this platform.

By Showcasing Your Product And Services, You Can:

  • Build brand awareness.
  • Position your Brand.
  • Establish trust.

And finally, turn your prospects into your customers.

Now comes the million-dollar question – how can you create a stellar Instagram campaign and reach your target audience?

Look no further!

As a leading marketing professional team, we have tried, vetted, and experimented with strategies.

Moreover, in this article, we have jotted down the smartest strategies that aid you in taking full advantage of the Instagram Algorithm.

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How Does Instagram Algorithm Work?

How Does Instagram Algorithm Work?

The Instagram algorithm does not depend on any single factor. It combines multiple aspects before showing any particular content. There are two segregationists of the Instagram algorithm – primary and Secondary factors.

Primary Factors Of The Instagram Algorithm

If you talk about the primary factors, you find three factors there:

1. Relevancy

The Instagram algorithm takes the relevancy factor into account. It ponders over the fact of whether the content fits in with the trends, as well as the target audience.

For your information – the Instagram algorithm prioritizes new content over older ones.

2. Relationship

When we talk about relationships, we refer to the relationship between the user and the content creator. The Instagram algorithm will check the following:

  • If that specific viewer is a follower of the content creator.
  • Are they both connected through comments?
  • It will take into account repeated history.
  • Comments, DMs, community management.

The said factors are crucial for making your content seen.

3. Interest

Let’s say you love watching cooking reels. The Instagram algorithm is smart enough to figure out your interest area. The algorithm will recommend you watch cooking videos more than anything. Before pushing any content for a specific user, they will analyze if the user’s interest aligns with the content.

Secondary Factors Of The Instagram Algorithm

Now that you know the primary factors, let us embark on the secondary characteristics associated with the Instagram algorithm.

1. Number Of Accounts You Follow

Let’s assume your following count is 1400. That means you are following 1400 accounts.

Whereas your friend with 500 followers.

Now understand this situation from the standpoint of a content creator. A content creator has to compete with 1399 people to make their content seen by you. In contrast, they have competed with 499 content creators to make their content discoverable.

2. Frequency And Session Time

It refers to how active that specific user in that platform. Suppose a person is inactive as a creator for longer on the forum. In that case, you’ll face difficulty reaching that person because an inactive account will ONLY see the most relevant post. And for most cases, their feed is filled with posts from friends and family.

Why Does Selling On Instagram Make Sense?

Why NOT?

With a whopping 1.35 billion monthly users, Instagram is one of the most sought-after platforms in the world.

Almost 35% of shoppers make a purchase on Instagram.

So, your target audience is likely to hover over the platform. And imagine if you get the chance to target your audience within a platform, it makes no sense to dream of opportunity.

Another perk of leveraging Instagram for your business is brand-friendliness.

When we say it is brand-friendly, we mean that 3 out of 4 people follow the brand on social media. In most instances, the most viewed stories come from brands.

So why not take advantage o a platform encouraging brands to boost their presence?

We hope that you got your answer! Let’s move on to the next part, which is selling!

How To Sell Your Product By Understanding Instagram Algorithm 

1. Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels

People spend hours watching reels. And if you want to boost your brand awareness, it is no less than a magic tool.

In the recent past, Instagram has been pushing this feature, and reels have gained substantial popularity.

(i) Instagram Reels Algorithm

Here are the factors that Instagram’s algorithm uses while deciding when to show content:

(ii) Relationship

Instagram checks if you are already connected with the content creator through: comments, DMs, story replies, likes, etc.

(iii) Relevance

If you liked some topic in the past and engaged with a similar post, the Instagram algorithm will show posts related to this topic more.

(iv) Timelines

When it comes to the Instagram algorithm, it gives more priority to fresh reels than content from Archive.

(v) Popularity

If you can produce content that constantly garners engagement (likes, comments, and shares) – it signals that people like your content. And it is more likely that Instagram will promote your content.

(vi) Instagram Reels Best Practices

Here are things that you can consider to make your Reels Seen.

  • Understand your target audience – what they want to hear from you.
  • Create content that adds value to your users – make it worth sharing!
  • Instagram algorithm promotes visually tempting reels and keeps users in their seats.
  • Refrain from posting your TikToks on Instagram. You’re not following the best practices if you post watermarked videos on Instagram.
  • Hashtags are super important when it comes to boosting the reach of your reel. Use hashtags that are relevant as well as popular. Instagram allows you to incorporate up to 30 hashtags in a reel description.
  • Ohhh! We forget to mention the most important aspect, which is trending music. Search for audio that has a huge potential to boost in the future. Once you’ve chosen the audio, plan your content according to it. And your content must be in sync with your audio.

Takeaway: When the Instagram algorithm considers your reel is more likely to be loved by people – they push your content higher, and your reel will be ranked. Analyze the target audience of your business and then tailor your content accordingly.

Example: Let’s say you are selling vegan foods. Here, you can think of creating a reel.

2. Instagram Story & Feed Post

 Instagram Story & Feed Post

You follow; unlike reels, stories, and feed posts are visible to people.

Do you know how Instagram story and feed work? Let’s understand below:

(i) Instagram Story Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm takes into account the following aspects. And here are they:

(ii) Content Popularity

How many people have liked and shared your content? How popular is it? It also depends on the region for posting the content.

(iii) Who Posted The Content

Do you engage with the content creator? Do you already know them? Have you found the post interesting enough to engage with?

The Instagram algorithm considers all these factors while recommending your post to someone.

(iv) User Activity

The Instagram algorithm will delve deep into your watch history. It will keep a close eye on the type of posts that you have interacted with the most – saved, liked, shared, and commented on.

(v) Best Practices – Story And Feed

  • Adhere to the community guidelines of the Instagram algorithm.
  • Refrain from posting false information. Quality content must get the upper hand here.
  • Refrain from being bombarded with too many posts or stories within a short span. The Instagram algorithm doesn’t show too many posts constantly from the same account.

Now that you know the algorithm, let’s focus on the strategies that boost your overall Instagram marketing efforts.

(vi) Common Practices Of Instagram

Apart from the said practices, other general rules can help you to stand out in your product.

Let’s bring light into them!

(vii) Post Scheduling

We hope that you’ve prepared your content calendar right. Once you have decided on the frequency of daily posts, optimize the timing.

We recommend posting at different times and determining the most suitable time for you.

There is no one size fits all strategy. Your competitor may find the optimized time as 9 PM. At the same time, you may find the same at 6 PM.

Once you visit the dashboard of your business account, you’ll see the optimized timing for the same. The Instagram algorithm has its mechanism for deciding the same. And you must adhere to it.

(viii) Business Name Optimization

You must be clear that names are searchable attributes on Instagram. And wherever it comes to search, there is a scope for optimizing it.

It means that you must optimize your bio with relevant keywords. The Instagram algorithm will likely show you up on the search query whenever someone searches with that specific keyword.

(ix) Hashtags

If you ask any expert, they will recommend optimizing your post with relevant hashtags.

3 types of hashtags are worth considering:

  • Gerotags – it talks about a specific location.
  • Branded tags – focus on a brand name, slogan, or product.
  • Niche- Specific hashtags that narrow down a particular segment of your niche.

(x) Stay Responsive

When you engage with your followers, they feel valued and included.

Starting responsive means:

  • Replying to comments.
  • Publicly addressing queries of your users.
  • Take content ideas for your comment box and produce content directly speaking to them.

Keeping in touch with your audience signals the Instagram algorithm that you care for your audience.

Ready To Skyrocket Your Business With Instagram?

The Instagram algorithm is a hidden gem. If you seriously follow the strategies mentioned above, nothing will stop you.

However, please be mindful that..on top of everything, there is content. Content is the ultimate winner here. No matter how well your Instagram algorithm is, if your content is not up to the mark – there is absolutely no point!

We wish you great luck with your Instagram endeavours. We will see you in the next article. Till then, keep learning.

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