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Google has implemented a new feature in its search results. Certainly, it is replacing traditional links with arrow-down buttons that reveal web page links as cards.

No guessing? Here is how it looks on the web:

And Here Is The Mobile Version:

Wait, there is more! Look at this GIF:

Now, the question is – why Google is Google making these changes:  

Google has mentioned that – while testing- they found that adding links will help provide better UX. That is, links added in the overview section make it more understandable.

To explain, this will help to access these links directly within the overview itself. They can easily find it. Hence, it will ease the search process.

Here is what Google has rightly said – “”During testing, we’ve found that people find it easier and more understandable when access to these links is presented within the overview itself.”

There is no need to think that this won’t change. Please note that it’s on the experiment stage. There are chances that Google might come up with something new or stick to this format.

As they mentioned – “It’s important to note that generative AI in Search remains an experiment and we’ll continue testing different ways of presenting results and listening to feedback, while prioritizing approaches that continue to drive traffic to relevant websites,”

The new format results from an ongoing experiment with generative AI in Search. Moreover, Google will continue testing different presentation methods based on user feedback.

The feature is initially launching in the U.S. and will later roll out to Japan and India.

In essence, Google aims to enhance user experience and drive traffic to relevant websites. Keeping this goal in mind, they are experimenting with different approaches.

To summarize, Google is now adding links to the generative experience. And that’s official news from the house of Google. They specified that adding links to search will give a better understanding. However, there is no point in considering that this change is fixed. It may or may not. It is in the testing phase.

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