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  • Are you someone who uses residential proxies to hide your browsing history intentionally from your ISP?
  • Do you know the differences when it comes to features between Data Centres and Residential Proxies?
  • Have you tried going for a residential proxy only to be deterred by the steep pricing and the low number of IPs?

A Residential Proxy and a Data center help you mask your IP, browse anonymously, and protect data theft. In very simple terms, residential proxies and data centers are third party intermediary platforms, which strip away the physical IP of your real location and assign you with a new IP in different geographical locations.

If you are reading this article, we can assume that you know about the benefits of residential proxies. In this article, we will look at why residential proxies are a better fit for you over data centers.

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Residential Proxies: what are they?

Residential Proxies

According to digital solutions company, Infatica, there are four main types of residential proxies-

  • Forward Proxy
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Proxy Chaining
  • Back-connecting Proxy

Every one of the above kinds of proxies can be either located on a residential proxy or a data center. All these proxies have one single aim- to hide your real IP address. In other words, all of them help in keeping your identity a hidden mystery.

We all know how our data can be used and misused in multiple ways. Financial frauds are costing consumers billions of dollars every year. People are also using data like names and email ids to do illegal and unethical work.

If you are using a residential proxy, you can be safe in the knowledge that data providers, the website you visit, or hackers are not getting access to your information. If you want to gain access to a competitor website, you can use a proxy.

You might just want to see and analyze what they are up to, the website can block you for a number of reasons. By taking help from a data center or a residential proxy, you can fulfill your business interests and not ring any alarm bells.

Data Centers Versus Residential Proxies: What you should know

While both residential proxies and data centers work hard to make you anonymous, experts pick the former over the latter. This is because of a number of reasons. We list some of the important ones below-

1. Data Centres use Shared Servers-

There is a saying that you will eventually be caught even if you use the best data centers. This is because data centers use shared servers. In other words, your IP address can be similar to hundreds of other IP addresses, of people who are using the shared server.

In principle, one IP address corresponds to one user and device. If you have many IP addresses with the same IP, it means you are going to be caught. Once you do, the block will be forever, as you will have no chances of saving yourself.

2. Data Centres are used for Illegal and Unethical hacking-

It has been found that because data centers can mask IPs, they are used a lot by hackers and spammers. As a reaction to this, many servers, especially the best ones, have sounded an alert for such IPs. Servers maintain databases of corrupt or problematic IPs and sound an alarm when they find one.

This means that no matter what you do, you are going to be caught eventually. The masking is superficial and if a website or a server wants to know who you really are, they are going to find out if you are using a Data center.

3. Data centers can be unreliable-

I am someone who has used both, residential proxies as well as data centers. I have no qualms about saying that my experience has been much better using residential proxies, In terms of the support, uptime, and capability to navigate geo-blocking, residential proxies, outshine data centers every single time.

There is just one ware where you will feel that data centers are better- pricing. However, pricing is not going to hold much value when you will be blocked from gaining access to your competitor website.


Residential Proxies offer much better support, speed, and features than data centers do. If you want to hide your IP for personal or professional use, I suggest you always go forward with residential proxies. If you are looking for a credible residential proxy service provider with affordable pricing and great features, you can click here-https://infatica.io/residential-proxies/

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