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Would you like to set up a solid content marketing strategy using blogger outreach? The market has several content marketing strategies that you can use. However, you need to find something that will give you the best service, depending on your brand.

The best strategy will help you to achieve both your short term and long-run business goals. You need to implement sound content marketing strategies for the success of future outreach campaigns. Even though blogger outreach consumes a lot of time, it can result in increased sales and revenue and high traffic.

To develop a solid content marketing strategy, you need to understand bloggers’ needs, set your goals, identify relevant bloggers, collaborate with the bloggers, and measure the results. However, even with all this knowledge, some people don’t know where to start when it comes to blogger outreach.

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Top 10 Content Marketing Strategies Using Blogger Outreach:

In this article, we will be looking at the top content marketing strategies using blogger outreach. You will come to discover that it is one of the best techniques for anyone who wants to take his brand to the next level.

1. Make a Contact Before Pitching:


Take time to reach out to the blogger in various ways before you can send a pitch to them. Engage with these authority figures on social media and drop them comments on their blogs. It is also good to share their content on your blog.

It will help you in opening communication channels and even establish goodwill before you can send your pitch to them. Most people go wrong at this point without knowing that this strategy can also affect their brand.

Once you have relevant and diverse content all over your social media channels, you will be able to establish your name as a source of knowledge in the niche. People who have heard about you on the past will accept your pitch more easily.

Making contact before you pitch is among the best content marketing strategies for bloggers. Remember you need a high success rate when you are writing your pitch and sending it out. You can only get to this when you contact the website owners in advance.

2. Make the Pitches Personal:

One thing you need to understand is that well-established bloggers spot pitches from far. These people may not respond to your message if they discover that you are trying to reach out to several people at the same time.

It is recommended to take your time and personalize each pitch the much you can. Let the site owner understand that you read their blogs regularly. You can give reference to the article of the website owner that you loved most.

Also, you can refer to something that struck a chord with you on the website owner’s social media channels. It will show the blogger that you have a serious interest in working with him or her. It also reveals that you are putting in a lot of effort to make this collaboration a reality.

Take time and get to understand the name of the website owner. Let the blogger know that you have a particular interest in him and no other people out there. It is one of the content marketing strategies that will increase your chances of success.

3. Take Advantage of Visuals:

Visual content has a special place in 2019. Researchers and other marketing professionals will tell you that colored visuals increase the willingness of people to read your piece of content by 80 percent.

Content that has relevant images attract 94 percent more views than the one that is just plain. You can make your pitch attractive by allowing the blogger to know that you use aesthetically pleasing visuals and graphics to support your post.

People tend to interact more with visual content. You cannot expect your content marketing strategies to succeed unless you pay close attention to visuals.

4. Establish Regular Communication Lines:


You cannot succeed in blogging outreach unless you are in close touch with the blogger. The relationship you have with the blogger should not stop once they publish your content. Both parties will benefit from the ongoing relationship.

Continue sharing on social media and send a thank-you email once the blogger publishes your email. Add these people on your mailing list so that they can remain in close contact with your website.

If the blogger is looking for someone to collaborate within a future project, you can be sure that your name will be top on the list. The most important thing is to make sure that you maintain a good working relationship with the blogger.

Establishing regular communication lines will grant you access to ongoing opportunities. You can be sure of having a more significant online presence and raised profile courtesy of these content marketing strategies. Look for the best ways of remaining in close contact with the blogger depending on the available communication tools.

5. Examine Further Niches:

Reaching into new niches and broadening your horizons is an excellent way of boosting your outreach project. You should always learn to think outside the box at all times. For instance, a person who is running a blog on a local bakery can target food reviewers and bloggers.

However, you can reach out to those individuals who are in corporate events and wedding markets. The new audience will be highly lucrative, especially when the audience gets to understand the products that you have to offers.

6. Focus on the Benefits That You Bring:

Bloggers hate it when you are using them solely for link building purposes. Most of them have invested a lot of time and resources in setting up their blog. Such a person will not want you to translate the product of their hard work into a vehicle of backlinks.

When you are pitching, emphasize the fact that your content is relevant to the bloggers’ audience. All these people want content that will drive more traffic to their website and create a high level of engagement.

It is good to look at the type of content that the blogger publishes and stick to that theme. No blogger will post content that is irrelevant to his or her website.

7. Engage in Real Life Outreach:


Outreach should not always be in the form of social media messages or email exchanges. If you have a budget, think about staging a real-life blogger event. The most important thing is to reach out to as many people as possible.

The event allows bloggers in your niche to sample your services and test your products. These professionals will also get to know your brand and team a little better.  It is one of the most personalized content marketing strategies that should not miss out from your list.

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8. Keep it Simple:

This point is crucial when you are looking for content marketing strategies that yield results. While sending out pitches, make sure that they are as concise as possible. It may not be necessary to include a paragraph that talks about the history of your business.

Also, ask yourself whether you need to dedicate a lot of space for the overview of your brand. The guiding principle here is to keep your pitches snappy and simple. It will help the recipients to determine whether they will be pursuing your proposal or not.

9. Take Advantage of Analytics:


The market has a long list of analytics tools that you can use. Therefore, you have no excuse not to monitor your blogger outreach campaign results. If you have been tracking your results for the whole year, you can leverage that data that you accumulate to enhance and hone your approach for the upcoming year.

Some of these tools are free but still offer excellent results for your content marketing strategies. However, most of the premium versions tend to be smarter than the free tools. Choose the ones that work best for your brand and use them to measure your results on a real-time basis.

10. Seek the Input of the Blogger:


The best person to ask on how to improve your blogger outreach content marketing strategies is the blogger himself. Send out a survey to the bloggers that you have been working with in the past. Let them tell you where they feel you need to improve and what they think you did right.

You can also ask them for recommendations of other bloggers in your niche that they feel you can work with. It is one of the best ways to develop great networks from your blogger outreach content marketing strategies.

Top Tools to Use in Blogger Outreach Content Marketing Strategies:

1. Buzzsumo:

Buzz sumo

This tool ranges by type (brands and people), location, and helps you to recognize popular content. Buzzsumo analyzes the position of content online and content titles to outreach the bloggers. It uses both social media and a browser to carry out the analysis.

It helps users to differentiate the popularity of various posts by filtering by search items, domains, and topics. Besides, you will get to see the influencers who shared it, making the results as accurate as possible.

Buzzsumo comes with the astonishing features that come with a pro account. It will always give you analysis report alerts and content notifications. This tool will always stand out when looking for the best blogger outreach solutions for content marketing strategies.

2. Traackr:


The key features of this tool include filtering the language, geo-targeting, synchronizing contacts, content and communication history, and network insights. The tool will reveal the connections that exist between the key influencers.

It is among the most widely used tools for various content marketing strategies globally. It gives you fantastic options to prioritize your influencers, consider their positions in social media platforms, list of contacts, and blog indicators

The package also gives you an opportunity of establishing and maintaining effective communication with all the bloggers that you have an interest in. You need to look at the score of every person to make an informed choice. Traackr includes the criteria of relevance and resonance.

3. Pitchbox:


The key features of pitchbox include finding influencers quickly, using the target audience to customize emails, automatically following up non-responding customers, and SEO integration to servers as a powerful SEO software.

Pitchbox eases the work of outreach bloggers. It is a super-fast and user-friendly platform that will accelerate the process of searching for top bloggers and is super-fast. The tool helps you to avoid all the unnecessary details when it comes to blogger outreach content marketing strategies.

In essence, pitchbox is a blogger outreach tool that helps you to establish sustainable partnerships with the influencers you have interest in. It has SEO integration and email functionalities that will allow you to achieve all the above objectives.

4. Ninja Outreach:

Ninja Outreach

Ninja outreach has ready-to-use emailing templates, email finder, automation of emails, and in-app inbox. The inbox has follow-up instruments and conversational history.

Ninja Outreach has incredible tools among its functions that outreach professionals use in email. The database has over two million twitter profiles and 200 million users that are fantastic.

Ninja Outreach is a paid tool and has four plans, and you pay to depend on your needs. The price begins at $69, but you will enjoy a two-week free trial.

5. Buzzstream:


The main features of this tool include a web-based extension tool, inbuilt CRM and workflow, email functionality (notifications center, send later option, and templates) and integration with the other outreach tools such as BuzzSumo.

Buzzstream can manage and launching conversations. It is one of the best options that bloggers include in their content marketing strategies. One feature that makes this instrument to stand out is the fact that it begins to search for contact info on any webpage automatically.

The emailing tools also facilitate conversation within this tool. Even though buzzstream does not have its mailbox, it has a built-in notification center that removes all the inconveniences that are caused.


With all the information that you get in this article, you have all that you need to set up effective blogger outreach content marketing strategies. The guiding principle is to get traffic that you can convert into leads.

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