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Some people refer to blogging as a combination of science are art. If this is true, then there is no single right way to blogging if you want to succeed. Several people have done an amazing job in blogging and we can learn several blog writing tips from them.

In this article, we will be looking at various blog writing tips that different bloggers have put across. These tips will equally help you even if you are not a beginner. Let us take the time to look at each of them.

15 Actionable Blog Writing Tips for Beginners:

1. Get Ideas From Your Audience:

Audience Base

The posts that you create should answer the most interesting questions from the people that you are engaging with online. It is an excellent way of gathering ideas on the topics that your audience will want to read on the most. Doing so will help your blog to grow and increase your audience.

One of the best ways to put this into action is via Tweets or blog comments. For instance, you can have a brand requesting posts that address the needs of women entrepreneurs. Adding such an article will invite a lot of contributions from women and establish a strong brand.

2. Know Your Audience:

You need to have a better understanding of your audience more than they even understand themselves. It takes a lot of initial research and it would imply becoming a member of the same tribe that you are attempting to lead as this will pay off.

Having a clear understanding of your audience implies you will have a better idea of the content that will resonate with their needs. This is the best tip when you want to write blogs.

The secret is to use an engaging quote to first ask your readers in LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. If they respond well to it, it will be an excellent topic for your blog. Thus, it is good to start by testing your blog post ideas on social media. Tweet a topic to see how people liked it before you can write on it.

3. Start by Writing for Yourself:

blog writing

Writing for yourself is one of the practical blog writing tips for beginners. Ignore the fact that another person will be reading your opinions, ideas, and thoughts and look for the best ways to organize your words. When you write for yourself, you will make a significant impact on your blogs.

You will also get the motivation to write more often and publish regularly. Publish something for yourself first and your audience will receive it with a lot of gratitude.

4. Build an Email List:

Email List

Begin to build your email list from the first day. Even if you are not planning to sell anything, the email list will help you to promote your new content directly to your audience with no concern about EdgeRank, Facebook, search rankings, and other online communication roadblocks.

In these blog writing tips, ask your readers to sign up for your email list and you can experiment with different languages. Your subscription can increase tremendously when you change your CTA to ‘get jobs by email’ from ‘subscribe by email.’ The use of such a phrase will tell readers why they are subscribing to your services.

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5. Love Your Current Readers:

You need to love the readers that you are currently having. Most bloggers are obsessed with getting new readers until they ignore the current ones. It’s good to get new readers but make sure you spend enough time every day showing your current readers that you value them as you need them to grow your blog.

Once you focus on your readers, you will get to know them better. We can look at a blog as a piece of technology or a platform. It also offers a promise in the minds of your readers that expect the blog to have actual content with some valuable elements that hyper-targets their needs.

It works the same as a newspaper. The reader will not only look at the newspaper as newsprint that they get on their driveway each morning. These people seek valuable information about where they live, their city, and the things they do. It forms actionable blog writing tips that you cannot ignore as a beginner.

6. Build an Incredible Call-to-Action:

You can have the best blog but still, struggle with the idea of getting return visitors. You may have very few people following you on social media.

Don’t leave the work of finding your social media accounts to people. Most individuals are blind to sidebars and hence banner ads come in handy. Use some form of call-to-action to finish your blog posts so that your readers can follow you on Twitter or sign up on your email list.

You will significantly increase your number of followers when you use excellent call-to-action. The technique will also bring the attention of your audience to the other blog posts that you wrote before. It is one of the most practical blog writing tips that will guarantee you the best results.

7. Give Some Stuff Away:

Give away free content that will add value to the lives of your reader as they will continue to love you and grow into loyal customers. For instance, adding a giveaway contest pop-up on the right-bottom of your website can drastically increase the number of your subscribers.

8. Be Consistent:

One of the most important blog writing tips that most people tend to forget is consistency. It is easy to lose your traffic than building it up and hence you have to make sure that you remain consistent. Consistency will definitely increase the number of subscribers.

Make sure you publish high-quality blogs on a regular basis. Do so more than one time every week and you may double your subscribers within no time. Companies that add fresh data every now and then will attest to this fact.

9. Share Your Knowledge:

Don’t fear to showcase what you already know. Most bloggers hold onto the good stuff in the fear of giving away their ‘secret sauce. You can talk about the secret sauce in this world where all people can access high-speed internet 24/7.

Be willing to share the knowledge that is in your possession instead of tucking it away for a rainy day. You can begin by giving your readers a few downloadable PDFs. Giving information snacks will help you to sell your main meals. Such blog writing tips will help you to sell your brand.

10. Remain True to Your Voice:

Stay true to your voice and yourself. People prefer to follow people and not sites. Therefore, the voice of the blogger is crucial when looking for blog writing tips. The challenge with most bloggers is that they overlook their voice.

Writing is not all about picking the right topic but rather finding the right voice. Most readers don’t resonate with what you say but how you put it. Therefore, your voice matters more than anything else whenever you are writing a blog.

11. Give it Enough Time:

Plan to invest in your blogging for an extended time before you begin to realize returns. The web is a big and noisy platform and you will not succeed unless you invest a lot over a long period. If you want to get a quick path to recognition or short-term ROI, blogging is the wrong channels.

There are no short-cuts when looking for genuine blog writing tips. Stick for several years even if you don’t get the desired results as long as you are learning. You will achieve remarkable results and you continue improving and iterating. You can also be sure that the blogging effects will be long term.

12. Give Priority to Your Email List:

If you blog to create a movement, business, or support a cause, you will have to build an email list. You have no choice about this because the email list, and not a blog is your community. Care about these individuals, write to them, and deliver value as your first goal.

You can put the information that your readers expect on your homepage and this will help in increasing your email subscriptions. It is one of the actionable blog writing tips that you should not overlook as a blogger.

13. Write Catchy Headlines:

You can have a catchy content but it won’t matter if your headline is not amazing. Visitors have a split of a second to determine whether they will click on your post. The best thing to help them make a decision is your headline.

The headline will also make is desirable and easy for people to share your blog post. Therefore, keep your headline simple, powerful, useful, and bold (SPUB). Test various headlines for each of your blog posts to determine the one that works best. You need something that will work well for your target audience.

14. Be Yourself:

There are so specific rules for being a successful blogger. However, you can always learn from successful and experienced bloggers in the industry. One of the best blog writing tips that you will learn is to be yourself.

You don’t have to use ‘big words’ or be ‘too professional’ to impress your audience. The most important thing is to learn to be yourself. You will enjoy the writing process when you are yourself. Look at successful bloggers and you will discover that each of them uses a unique and different way of his own.

It is good to use the story of your brand instead of going for a successful blogging formula. Storytelling and emotions are part of how we communicate with one another and inspire thousands of actions from users.

15. Keep it Short:

This is the greatest blog writing tips for beginners. Give it a read time- length of one to two minutes. It is hard to determine the best time lengths for your blogs. However, you need a minimum of 300 words for the search engine to index your blog. However, the maximum word count is as per your desire.

Most readers like shorter posts and share them the most in comparison to the long ones. Long ideas that have too many ideas don’t get several reactions. Therefore, learn to keep your blogs as short as you can. Present your ideas one at a time and then let the others build upon it.

Remember most visitors will not read over 60% of what you are writing. Therefore, it is worthwhile to keep everything short. The blog should be short enough to keep it interesting but long enough to cover the entire subject. It means that the length of any blog is relative and it all depends on your subject matter. However, make sure you don’t tire your readers with lengthy messages.

Bonus Blog Writing Tips: Make it Worth Refreshing

To sum it up, you have to make your blogs worth referencing. You need something that another person will want to site for one reason or another. Like great research will leave you with fascinating findings or great ideas, you would like to have blog posts that meet the same criteria.

It does not mean that you heavily rely on research. Just make sure that every blog post has an actionable item and original lesson so that it can be citable online.

Ask yourself whether a reader can email your content to another person. This proposition is sounded simple but can completely change your writing. Put yourself into the head of the reader going through a post to see whether you can say ‘this is so interesting, Susan will like it so much.’

Once you feel that your content is worth sharing, you can go ahead to publish the post. Make sure you improve your post until it attains these standards. Find more research, iterate, and provide more examples until you see people sharing your content in your mind.


These actionable tips for beginners will help you to attain high standards as a blogger.  The most important thing is to create content that adds value to your readers. It will take you a lot of time and effort to gain authority as a blogger.

Would you like to make use of some of the actionable blog writing tips in your brand? Feel free to get to us at [email protected] for the best results.

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