The “Verified” Translation Label Has Now Been Added To Google Search

The Verified Translation Label has now been added to Google Search
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Did you know that Google Search has started labeling some translations as verified?

A fellow named Khushal Bherwani spotted this on Twitter. Here is what he has shared:  

“Google pop with a vitrified badge on translate.

POP up msg – This translation was verified by Google Translate contributors.

G is now testing more in this section before we saw a search on the G icon and camera icon. etc”

So, when you use Google Search to translate words or phrases, you might come across a cool “verified” label along with a message saying, “Google Translate contributors verified this translation.”

What Google Thinks About👇

“Translations reviewed by contributors

You can contribute to Google Translate when you review translations. If your review is marked as correct, Google Translate may show your translation with a badge”

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