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Building a backlink is necessary for anyone who has websites, blogs, or articles on the internet. There is no use to have products or websites promoting if you won’t get traffic. When you build Google penguin friendly backlinks to your sites, this is usually vital as it helps your pages showing up on the first pages of googles search engines result from the page for the keywords you choose.

When you build your backlink along quality contents, this will determine the amounts of traffic your sites will be receiving.

With the current statistics, it is proven that Google penguin updates are hitting more than sixty-four percent of the websites. In case all your traffic is coming from Google, then you need to set yourself up for failure. Link building and search engine optimization changed entirely after the arrival of google penguin and google panda.

Sites that have low-quality backlinks or identical anchor texts receive penalization. For you to be successful in boosting your ranks and being successful in the online markets in this error of google penguin, then your link building campaign should always be natural.

In any SEO campaigns, the essential parts are always backlinking. The more the links that are coming to your sites, the better it is going to rank in them, and thus, the higher your sites will be climbing up the search results.

Remember that you can be having the best looking site anyone has never seen or heard of, but without backlinks, no one will know of your existence.

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What are google penguin friendly backlinks?

This is simply links from other sites that are linking back to your websites. The search engine spiders and the search engine love backlinks make follow-ups on your sites and index the pages making it easier for people searching online finding your locations.

Whenever there is a backlink that sites are adding pointing to your websites, this is always like getting a vote of confidence for your sites. Therefore the more Google penguin friendly backlinks you have, the more the elections your websites will get and thus the more your site will become popular.

Why are google penguin friendly backlinks relevant?

Backlinks usually provide mainly two primary benefits to your websites; they provide additional exposure and access to your website from external sources and help in improving your search engine rankings.

When your Google penguin friendly backlinks receive more votes, this makes your website even more popular in the eyes of the search engines. However, it is not the number of essential backlinks but also the quality of the sources where it comes from.

Just as it is in other voting situations, the most credible, authoritative, influential, and confidential the voters are the more beneficial the votes going to be to the recipients. Backlinks from well-respected sources, therefore, are usually valuable than many from the poorly unknown sites.

Backlinks are acting like votes in that they are indicating to the search engines that the links are providing must leads something of interests and values.  Google penguin friendly backlinks are a way for other people saying that they like what they have to offer.

Just like the case you write up articles that are interesting and would feel that they would benefit my readers, this can make me the link to your websites.

If other webmasters are reading your articles and also linking to them, this means that you will be having multiple websites that with all of them relating to the same pages on your websites. In the case, this happens over and over from the many different websites this an indication that the search engines that are linking to pages on your websites are containing something that many other sites are considering to be of value.

 Why should you create link building strategies?

link building strategy

In case you are not creating or developing link building strategies, then this means that you are wasting your time. And as well as your money in case you are paying for the links. It is even worse and risky doing so because when you create backlinks that are based on quantity over quality, this can result in penguin penalties.

The purpose of having a link building strategy is putting in place plans to build high quality, while you target the incoming traffic. When you have inbound links, this will create visibility to your sites. It will also add some credibility because each quality and the target Google penguin friendly backlinks count as votes for sites as far as the search engine bot is concerned.

Also, the links placed among the relevant contents to services or products will enhance the chances of you making sales.

Factors to consider for backlinking:

It is relevant ensuring that your websites have good quality backlinks and so you are having to be careful in finding out where your backlinks come from to get clear pictures of the same.

First, you should make efforts to ensuring your backlinks are relevant. Just like in the cases where your websites are into real estate businesses, then you should build Google penguin friendly backlinks from sites that are selling other things like cars as this will not help. This might even get banned by Google for spam.

Also, you should ensure that your backlinks are coming from authority websites. This will aid you in getting the best rankings for your websites in the right manner.

More so, you need to put your best foot forward considering varieties. If your websites are into selling or buying properties online, then ensuring that you are getting backlinks from sites that are providing important information about the real estate industries is necessary.

10 Steps to Build Google Penguin Friendly Backlinks

Since the launching of the Penguin updates by Google, many websites are receiving penalization for being irrelevant backlinks or being spam. Penguin aims at detecting poor-quality backlinks i.e. why it is important making your link building campaigns looking natural for Google.

Google claims that getting a high ranking without backlinks is hard. So, what should you take into account? Here are some cherished link building tips on how to build Google Penguin-friendly backlinks and avoid Google penalties.

1. Directory submissions:

Submitting your websites to crucial directories is ideal. You should mainly focus on dealing with the major directories the DMOZ, where there is utilization by many other websites and the management done by volunteer editors. When you are building your links with the google directory is also a must as no charges are being offered yet it offers the best. Yahoo will let non-commercial sites list for free. However commercial sites must pay

2. Diversify your google penguin friendly backlinks:

for you to have a good link building, you must ensure that the profile is containing a variety of backlinks which include the backlinks with keyword-rich anchor text, backlinks with the brand name anchor text, the homepage, naked backlinks, contextual backlinks, and the subpage backlinks. You should treat your link profiles as a whole and reviewing the new backlinks in the context of the ones that exist.

3. Try improving the existing backlinks:

This way, you can do it several ways, you can add the alt attributes to images links, optimization of anchor texts, and finding the dropping links that are trying to recover them. You can improve the contents of the link sources, linking to the more relevant inner pages on your site rather than the homepages where it is appropriate, fixing redirect chains. All the new Google penguin friendly backlinks should undergo checking and tracking.

4. Try getting rid of the dangerous google penguin friendly backlinks:

When you remove the bad backlinks, this will aid in getting out of the googles sanctions or preventing them. You should remember to pay attention to the following indicators, do follow vs.nofollow backlinks, referring domains, cross-links, and types of contents.

5. Use of the most precise link building metrics:

link building metrics

This helps the clients in accessing the power and trustworthiness of your page or domains, and the link management has come in with their ways of evaluation systems –SB ranks .this can be considered as full replacements for your Google PR.

6. Focus on offering useful contents on your websites:

Nothing beats like the high-quality contents .when you provide fresh pieces of information, this will attract the other sites linking to you. When you understand that Google is built on users, this may help you get your sites backups to the places you want it being.

You cannot just get away with a link from an over the promotional site, web pages, or a remote site that has poor quality contents. When your contents are great, this will help them in earning links overtimes and thus generating long term results.

7. Focus on quality links over quantity:

quality links

Even if you are using Google penguin friendly backlinks tools, you should choose those that are generating quality backlinks .you should void building anchor texts for more than ten percent of your links. When you over optimize, then, Google will penalize.

Just like the case you are using a certain specific keyword, e.g., best times to visit Croatia, and you ask your readers to link using the same word, this can be termed as suspicious .try diversifying your anchor texts.

8. Commenting on Blogs:


An easy way to build Google penguin friendly backlinks is to leave a comment on blogs you visit. However, do not spam blogs so that you can get a link. Leave a helpful or insightful comment that is relevant to the post you are commenting on. Most sites offer an option above the comments section to type your website, email, and name. Do not just enter keywords in the name field you are trying to rank for. Smart blog owners recognize that you are only trying to get a link from them and more often than not will not approve your comment.

9. Make your content link worthy:

You should ensure that the links you are producing are link worthy. There is no need for writing an article that is not getting you far. In the case, your visitors do not like your contents, and they leave your sites. The high bounce rates lead to bad user experiences, which lower your google rankings. By providing content that has value, this will mean the longer your site will stay.

10. Maintaining a strong relationship with any aspect of life:

In building the Google penguin friendly backlinks, it is essential to have a two-way relationship to keep it becoming the most trusted and going.  Also, this determines your website’s health and so make improvements.

Make an Excel list to keep track of them, types of links you’re working on or have acquired, dates of follow-ups, the website owner’s contact information and any other information you may need to track your link building efforts and times of your first outreach.


Quality backlinks are essential for the success of the SEO expert. The question is how to get the quality backlinks. With on-page content optimization, it looks much easier because you have to do everything and then decide, but when it comes to backlinks, you should depend on others for your growth and success.

This means that your success is dependent on other people. Even you can discuss it with the webmasters of some another site.  They can help you with ideas of how you can optimize your websites.

My own rule of creating backlinks is not focusing on the SEO aspects of backlinking as the primary concern.

Do you want to get Google penguin friendly backlinks for your website? Don’t hesitate to reach to us on [email protected] for the best results.

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