Currently, Google Is Working On Improving Search Results In Preferred Languages

Currently, Google is Working on Improving Search Results in Preferred Languages
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As Danny Sullivan, the Google Search guy talked about in January, there was a problem showing people’s preferred languages.

Clearly, Google was serious about fixing this problem. Danny Sullivan just said they’re still looking for ways to make things better.

Here Is What He Wrote On Twitter:

Danny Sullivan clarified that the Google team is working on it. They’ve updated some pages to explain their systems better. According to him, Google automatically determines the language of search results on a page.

The user settings don’t work because everyone’s different, and sometimes people search in languages other than their defaults. To improve the overall experience, Google takes these complexities into account.

Here Is How The Result Language Filter Works:

Google Search results are usually displayed in the most relevant language or languages automatically. If you want to see only results in a specific language, you can filter the results.

Results Language Filter lets you filter web search results by language and specify one or more preferred languages. You can fine-tune the search results to match your language preferences.

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