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Patience Is A Virtue For SEOs 

Master Website Updates With These Top 5 Best Practices

Source: @GoogleSearchCentral

A Quick Summary Of The Video Is Here:

  • URL Change (Make it a Strategic Move): When changing a page’s URL, view redirects not just as a technical necessity but as a strategic tool to guide user experience and preserve search equity. 
  • Proper Page Removal: In removing pages, the right HTTP status code (404 or 410) isn’t just about technical correctness; it’s about communicating with search engines in their language, showing that you’re managing your site’s lifecycle thoughtfully. 
  • Integrating New Pages with Purpose: Adding new pages is more than just expansion; it’s an opportunity to reinforce the internal linking structure, enhancing the overall site architecture and user journey.
  • Updating Key Information as a Trust Signal: Updating crucial information like contact details on prominent pages isn’t just about accuracy; it’s about signalling to search engines that you maintain an updated, trustworthy site. 
  • Sitemaps as Strategic Maps: Sitemaps should be viewed as a technical checklist item and a strategic tool for guiding search engines through your site’s most important content. 

Leveraging SEO Evolution For Business Growth 

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