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The new Google search settings interface makes browsing easier on desktop and mobile. In response to user feedback, on search results pages, Google moved essential settings.

Let’s look at what Ashwarya (Google Search Community Manager) has posted: 

Google has moved important settings, such as “send feedback,” “privacy,” and “terms,” right to the top of searches. This means you won’t have to go on a scavenger hunt to find these crucial options anymore.

Let’s take a closer look at how this redesign improves user accessibility. On a desktop, locating these settings is as simple as clicking on the familiar gear icon. But what about mobile users? Google has got them covered too! The settings will now be tucked away behind the menu button for mobile devices.

Desktop Experience:

Mobile Experience:

The best part? Some lucky users have already seen this update before the official announcement. Google wanted to ensure the changes resonated with users before rolling them out.

Google simplifies search results, so users can find what they’re looking for more easily rather than the most important information at the top.

So, get ready to embrace the new search settings interface from Google. Now you can navigate your search settings effortlessly on desktop or mobile!

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