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Now you can report spammy low-quality pages in a much more detailed way. Yes, that’s true!

Here Is What Google Has Said-

“Various ranking manipulation techniques attempt to compromise the quality of our results and degrade the search experience for everyone. These techniques go beyond the traditional definition of spam. Some sites are extremely poor quality, and others are deceptive and harmful to our users.
That is why we are expanding the scope of user feedback we want to collect. Now, you can report spam, paid links, malicious behavior, low quality, and other search quality issues, all in one improved form. We also added a bulk submission feature, and you now can submit up to five pages that violate the same policy in one report.”

Search Spam

Key Takeaways That You Can Consider:

  • You can choose a category and subcategory that best describes your reporting issue. However, you can choose only one main problem category. Under that category, you’ll have the opportunity to submit multiple issue types.
  • This form includes a helpful link to a page that explains various quality issues.
  • This form won’t consider identical reports from the same user.

If you have some spammy or low-quality pages in mind, you can access this form here.

What next?

You will receive a confirmation email from Google once you submit the report. Links to external resources will be included in this email.

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