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As part of its latest move in search, Google introduced indexing for CSV files. A recent update to Google’s Search Central documentation changes the way of looking at tabular data.

In This Regard, Here Is What You Can Refer To:

Currently, Google crawls and indexes CSV files, which store data in plain text. For website owners and administrators, this alteration prompts them to rethink their robots.txt directives.

In contrast to more intricate formats, CSV files lack styling, images, and active links. They’re straightforward and data-focused, containing rows and columns of valuable information.

CSV files are now indexable by Google, even though they aren’t currently shown in searches looking for these files.

Interestingly, Google had already embraced CSV files to a certain extent. Back in 2018, its Dataset search feature already utilized these files when they were accompanied by structured data. Structured data, which helps search engines understand the context of content, is a precursor to this recent development.

Jumping to 2022, Google’s documentation received a fresh update, particularly in the likes of structured data for dataset search appearances. This update emphasizes CSV files, showcasing Google’s commitment to refining the way tabular data works.

It’s intriguing whether Google’s ongoing core algorithm update and this newfound indexing capability are related.

Is Google improving its crawling capabilities specifically for these file types, or has this capability always existed?

In essence, Google’s decision to index CSV files marks a new chapter in the search evolution. Website owners, SEO professionals, and data enthusiasts now have a new realm to explore and optimize. Remember the power of structured data and metadata standards as signposts for better discoverability.

Read the official documentation here.

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