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As expected, Google has rolled out its August 2023 broad core update. After March 2023, this is the second major update this year. During the update process, search results fluctuate for about two weeks.

Don’t go anywhere as will break down the key takeaways later in this article.  

A broad core update, on the other hand, reevaluates how Google’s algorithm ranks content. Different industries can experience ranking changes as a result.  

Maintain an eye on your website’s analytics and track your search rankings to keep up with this algorithmic shift. Then you can adjust your strategies based on how the update affects your site.

So, Here Are The Key Takeaways   

  • Google Search undergoes core updates multiple times a year to improve search results.
  • Core updates aim to enhance how Google’s systems assess content overall and deliver reliable results.
  • Pages that experience changes after a core update haven’t necessarily violated any policies; it’s about overall content improvement.
  • Focus on providing high-quality content to align with algorithmic preferences and seek guidance on content creation.
  • Assess drops in page performance post-update.
  • Try to analyze impacted pages, and consider user satisfaction for improvements.

And the most important ones…

Collecting Information – Obtain firsthand knowledge about a topic; seek honest assessments from trustworthy sources outside your website.

Recovery Time From Core Updates – Core updates occur every few months. Hence, content impacted by a core update might take until the next update to recover (if improvements are implemented).

Ongoing Algorithm Updates – Regular updates are made to search algorithms, including more minor core updates. These might not be widely noticeable but can aid in content recovery.  

No Guaranteed Recovery – Site improvements don’t guarantee recovery; search result positions aren’t fixed. Lastly, deserving content will rank well according to the system’s evaluation.

For those who want to read the official document, here you go!

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