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Good news for marketers!

With Google Analytics 4, you can now customize attribution settings. Marketers will better see how their Google Ads campaigns perform and what returns they generate.

If you are an administrator of Google Analytics 4, you’ll have flexibility in how web conversion is converted.  

This attribution setting will help determine whether conversion credit is assigned to paid ads or organic channels.

Business owners may want to focus on Google Ads paid channels for conversion credit if they want a clearer picture of their return on investment. This approach can provide more precise insights.

How Does It Benefit Marketers?  

This setting will allow more command and control over your campaigns.

When you limit conversion credit to paid Google Ads channels, you can effectively isolate and analyze the impact of your advertising spend on web conversions and revenue.

This helps you better understand how your ads contribute to your business outcomes.

By narrowing down the conversion credit to paid Google Ads channels, you can isolate and analyze the precise impact of your advertising expenditure on web conversions and revenue.

This approach provides a clearer understanding of how your ads directly contribute to your overall business outcomes.

Steps to Make This Change:

  • Go to Google Analytics
  • Now, navigate to Admin
  • Then, the attribution setting
  • You will come across “Which channels are you able to assign credit for your web conversions imported into Google Ads?”
  • Select Google Paid Channels” or “Paid and Organic Channels.”

Please remember that these changes may take some time to reflect – Be patient.  

If you want to know more, visit the support page.

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