Google Ads Enhanced Customer Service Pilot: First Look For Small Business

Google Ads Enhanced Customer Service Pilot First Look For Small Business
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If you are a small business owner, Google Ads gradually initiated the process.

Natasha Kaurra, a pro in PPC, just came across a fresh feature in her account.

Excited about it, she decided to give us a sneak peek of how it appears on X (Twitter).

Now, carefully look at the image provided above.

Here, you can clearly spot the upgraded customer service pilot (neatly positioned within a box) to the right of the Google Ads interface.

Yet, this fresh tool is currently in its beta phase, meaning it’s not universally accessible just yet.

Why does it matter? Small business proprietors enrolled in the program can now receive tailored guidance through this premium feature. This is a perk that previously only the major clients of Google Ads enjoyed.

Google will gather participants’ insights and plans to extend this service to a wider range of small and medium-sized businesses.

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