Mueller: “Good SEO’’ Isn’t Enough For Ranking! Follow These As Well…

Mueller “Good SEO’’ Isn’t Enough For Ranking! Follow These As Well…
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Your website may have all the right elements, but you may be scratching your head when those low-competition keywords don’t budge.

In a recent revelation, Google’s very own John Mueller has offered insights into this perplexing phenomenon.

Let’s Look At The Question And Response From Muller:👇

“Why is my site not ranking despite low competition and good SEO?

John: Why is my site not ranking despite low competition and good SEO? I have a sitemap, indexed pages, updated content, backlinks and on-page optimization. But my site is still not in the top 200 results for my keywords.

I see this kind of question often. Google tends to focus on various technical aspects when it comes to talking about SEO, but you need to do more. A good way to think about this is to compare it to the offline world. When it comes to books, does a good cover photo, a reasonable sentence length, few misspellings, and a good topic mean that a book will become a best-seller? Or as a restaurant, does using the right ingredients and cooking in a clean kitchen mean you’ll get a lot of customers? Technical details are good to cover well, but there’s more involved in being successful.”

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Defining “Good” SEO: A Matter Of Perspective

The notion of what constitutes “good” SEO is far from being etched in stone. It’s like assembling a puzzle; each piece (or strategy) contributes to the overall picture of optimization. However, this picture might look different to each SEO enthusiast based on their experience and knowledge. Mueller emphasizes that a one-size-fits-all definition isn’t practical in the dynamic realm of SEO.

Google’s SEO Advice: A Focus On Technical Aspects

Mueller sheds light on a key aspect of Google’s SEO advice – its strong emphasis on technical elements. Picture it like building the foundation of a house. The rest of the structure won’t stand strong if the foundation is shaky. Similarly, Google’s SEO advice concentrates on getting the technical foundation right.

This includes aspects like website speed, mobile-friendliness, structured data, and crawlability. Though less visible, these fundamentals are pivotal in determining a website’s fate on the SERPs.

Beyond The Basics: The Book Cover vs. The Story

A book’s success isn’t solely determined by its cover, just as a restaurant’s popularity isn’t solely based on the food it serves. Likewise, achieving SEO success demands more than just a well-optimized website. It involves a well-rounded approach that combines technical finesse with effective site promotion.

The Dual Approach: Technical Mastery And Promotion

On the one hand, you have the technical side – the nuts and bolts that keep your website running like a machine. On the other hand, you’ve got the promotional side – the megaphone that amplifies your website’s presence across the digital landscape.

Promotion: Casting A Wider Net

Mueller illuminates the various avenues of site promotion that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional SEO. These include podcasts, conferences, radio features, YouTube videos, and strategic advertising. Just as word-of-mouth and exposure contribute to a book’s popularity, these channels contribute to a website’s online visibility.

Deciphering The Riddle: Lack Of Understanding

Ranking for seemingly simple keywords might not necessarily be due to an SEO deficiency. Rather, it could signify a need for deeper SEO understanding. In order to sustain success in SEO, staying on top of the latest trends and strategies is crucial.

P.S. The article discusses a topic covered in August 2023’s Google SEO office hours. To view additional responses, refer to the complete video linked below.

Source: @GoogleSearchCentral
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