Following CNET’s Deletion Of Thousands Of Pages, Google Issued A Warning

Following CNET’s Deletion Of Thousands Of Pages, Google Issued A Warning
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Gizmodo exposed CNET for deleting thousands of pages to manipulate Google Search rankings.

CNET confirmed deleting articles using metrics like pageviews, backlink profiles, and time since the last update.

CNET thought deleting content would boost SEO, but that’s not how it works.

Google’s Danny Sullivan clarified that deleting old content isn’t necessary; older content can still be helpful and relevant.

Sullivan suggested addressing broken links or irrelevance in old content rather than outright deletion.

Here Is What Google Said On Twitter:

“Are you deleting content from your site because you somehow believe Google doesn’t like “old” content? That’s not a thing! Our guidance doesn’t encourage this. Older content can still be helpful”

Here is what Google has suggested (Quality content):

Google advised improving overall content quality rather than deleting old content. There’s often an overlap between old content and low-quality content on a website.

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