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“Great Content Writing has the potential to transform your blog site from an ordinary one to a great one. If you are good at content writing, you will drive immense amounts of traffic, sales, and revenues to your site.”

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Why Content Writing is Important?

Everyone wants a blog site that is fantastic, attracts readers, and raises revenues. People invest heavily in creating the perfect platform technology wise. However, people skim it when it comes to an in house content writing team, or employing content writing services.

This is the most common mistake that blog site owners and brands do in the industry. They do not realize that great content writing is the only way to-

  • Attract new visitors to your blog site
  • Curate and provide crucial information
  • Convert visitors into potential customers or consumers
  • Ace the Search Engine Rankings Page (SERPs)

In this article, I will help all aspiring writers by sharing the best content writing tools of the blog writing trade. The aim is to address questions like-

  • How can I make my content stand out from the crowd?
  • What are some of the best content writing software on the market?
  • Is it a good idea to employ a content writing service agency for my blog?
  • What effects does great content writing have on my business?
  • How to eliminate grammatical errors from blog writing?

Do not expect that great content writing to just fall from the sky. If you have been reading a great blog article, always remember, that it is the product of hard work.

Good quality content writing can help you in almost all fields of digital marketing. From design to social media, from blogs to website content. Great content writing always makes a difference, period.

How to create the Perfect Blog through Content Writing?

create the Perfect Blog

Great content writing is as much a science as it is an art. Many people choose one over the other- either extraordinary creative flair or serious technically sound writing. In my experience, it has to be a combination of both- creative flair as well as technical know-how.

You cannot write a brilliant piece of content that is not SEO friendly. Likewise, you cannot write an SEO friendly piece of content that is not fun, exciting or attractive.

The ‘Perfect Blog’ is not a myth it does exist. It is the result of discipline, hard work, meticulous planning and the use of blog writing tools.

There are millions of content pieces on the internet. However, there is some consensus on what people in 2019 want to read online.

  • Original Content that is novel, unique and innovative
  • Content that narrates stories and creates rich experiences
  • Informative Content that solves problems and provides solutions
  • Entertaining Content that entertains and is fun and exciting

If you have been in the content writing services industry for some time, you will relate to this. You will also be able to decipher that the above four types of content are radically different from one another.

Even if Shakespeare were here with us in 2019, he would have a hard time writing SEO friendly content!

In order to create the perfect blog, your content should be-

  • 100% original and plagiarism free
  • Grammatically error free
  • Well researched
  • Language should be lucid enough
  • Content should be interesting

Great content writing serves a purpose at all levels of marketing and advertising. Right from the top, down to the very bottom.

Best Content Writing Tools in 2019

No matter how good you are at content writing, you can always do more with some help. The best content writers and content writing services agencies use some of the content writing tools to help them.

If you are able to use the right content writing tools when it comes to blog writing, you can be successful. Without further ado, let us list the best content writing software in 2019.

1. Grammarly:


The foundation of content writing is writing grammatically error-free content. Grammarly came to the market in 2009. Yes, it has been over 10 years. However, very few people know how to use it to get the best results.

Grammarly works as a free Chrome extension that you can use to check almost all aspects of content. From article writing to composing emails, Grammarly does it all. The best part about Grammarly? It is free!

From eliminating grammar mistakes to correcting spelling mistakes, Grammarly even helps you find the perfect writing style.

2. Hemingway Editor:

Hemingway Editor

Another software that is a gem, the Hemingway Editor scores high in the list of content writing services agency. Some of the best blog writers use this to optimize their content pieces. I myself use it on a daily basis, whenever I am writing a blog piece.

With a no-nonsense display and interface, the Hemingway Editor lets it work speak for itself. Just enter your content piece, and let the software do its magic.

For us, the best part is how well it optimizes SEO friendly content. With H1 and H2 tags, sentence shortening indicators, and a ton of other benefits, you should definitely make it part of your writing discipline.

3. WordPress:


How often have just ignored this humble publishing tool? WordPress has continuously been reinventing itself with new and better improvements and writing tips. I always ask my writers to not only write articles but publish them as well.

This way, writers can see how well optimized their article is. From SEO Yoast to keyword analysis in the publishing dashboard itself, WordPress is a complete blog writing software.

Some industry experts state that if WordPress is properly used, there is no need to use any other tool. This is a huge statement, but I find it to be increasingly relevant. If you are reading this, make it a habit for your writers to use WordPress to optimize their writing.

4. Copyscape:


Plagiarism is a strict no when it comes to writing content. I do not care if it is 4% or 5%. It has to be at 0%. There should be no discussion on that front. Copyscape scours millions of web pages and located related and plagiarised content.

Please make it a habit for your content marketing team to use Copyscape at all times. No article should be published until it passes the Copyscape test.

If you have plagiarised content on your site, it raises credibility issues. Not to mention the penalties that you will attract from Google. Copyscape is a paid subscription, but for a few dollars, you can eliminate the disease of plagiarism from your company.

5. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator:

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Even the best content writers run out of ideas. It is human to face some kind of a writer’s block. (Writer’s block exists, and affects some of the best in the industry). A good idea would be to use Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator.

The generator offers you some of the most trending titles on the internet. You just need to enter a noun and let it do its magic. You will get a ton of free ideas and that is helpful when you have nothing.

Our key takeaway- While there are some good elements to the software, it can be even better. Most of the topics are trending and are optimized for SERPs. Do not wait to test it out today.

6. Canva


As writers, we tend to forget the power of imagery in an article. We also know that designers are never going to understand the context, as well as writers, can. This is where writers can really help with the design.

Enter Canva- a free and powerful designing tool that is so simple, even I could use it. (I have never even used MS Paint in my life!). You can easily create social media posts and article images with Canva.

One of the USPs of Canva is definitely the ease of using it. You do not need to be a Photoshop expert to understand how it works. The best part about Canva- it is free!

7. Google Keyword Planner:

Google Keyword Planner

When I started in the industry, my mentor introduced me to Google’s Keyword Planner. He told me that if you want to be a successful SEO content writer, you need Google’s Keyword Planner.

Whatever you are writing, whether it is an article or a website’s content, you should take help from this. The keyword planner helps you organize and rank the top keywords. It also tells you about the difficulty levels of the various keywords.

Personally, along with WordPress, Google’s Keyword Planner should definitely be in your writing arsenal. This should be your first stop, the research, and planning phase of your content writing.

Employing a Content Writing Services Agency:

Content Writing Services Agency

While some businesses prefer to have their own in-house content writing team, others prefer something else. Many businesses are moving towards hiring freelancers for a number of reasons.

We are all aware of the reasons, why brands are moving towards freelancers. However, while there may be many advantages of blog writing through freelancers, there are many disadvantages as well.

In my experience, I have had the best experience of working with agencies, which offer content writing services. What sets them apart from freelancers is strict control over the quality, guidelines, and processes.

Freelancers do not follow processes, and if you are employing a couple, you will experience the following-

  • No consistency in writing style
  • Separate outputs
  • Distinct problems
  • Problems in coordination and timelines

However, you will be able to eliminate all these issues if you work with a content writing services agency.

The best content writing services agencies train their writers meticulously. I know of one who does not let a new writer create content for six months! When I asked the owner what is the person up to in that period, his answer pleasantly surprised me.

Good agencies familiarise their writers with software and teach them tips and tricks. They work on in-house content sites, created specifically for training.

If you want to outsource your writing work, try to outsource it to a content writing services agency. As freelancers, they offer you all the benefits, but unlike freelancers, they eliminate the risks.

How Content Writing can improve your Business?

This standard question is probably the most asked and most repeated one in my experience. Whenever I am requesting any of my clients to invest in content writing, they ask-

  • Will it lead to an increase in revenue?
  • When can I see tangible results?
  • How much should I invest?
  • What type of content writing should I do?
  • Is content writing a good fit for my business?

If done right, content writing has the potential to change the growth forecast of your business. Brands have transformed from million dollar entities to billion dollar ones with effective content writing.

You might be thinking that I am trying to sell you a stale dish. You could not be further from the truth. Great content has the potential to-

  • Increase sales and grow revenues
  • Create lifelong customers for the brand
  • Build reputation and credibility
  • Make the brand a voice of authority
  • Uplift both advertising and marketing activities

The list can go on forever, trust me. However, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about investments in content writing.

Many brands and businesses shy away from investing in content writing. They will happily invest in PPC, SEO and social media spend. What they do not realize is that great content is the foundation of everything.

No matter how good your product or offer is, if it does not have a catchy CTA, your campaign will fall flat.

I would request brands to invest in quality content writing or blog writing. If you are not doing this, you are slowly deteriorating your brand every day.

Content Writing: The Final Word

There is some truth to the statement, everyone can write. There is also some truth to the statement, not everyone can write great content.

In my industry, the second statement takes precedence over the first one. However, in the past few years, many of the tools listed above have made it easier to write.

It does not matter if you are not born as a talented writer. In order to be successful, you need to be hardworking, disciplined and employ the best content writing tools on the market.

I would love to know your take on this article. Let us start some meaningful conversations around content writing in the comments section.

If you need any other help with regard to content writing services, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

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