‘Artificial Intelligence-Generated Reviews’ Are Now Spam On Google Merchant Center  

‘Artificial Intelligence-Generated Reviews’ Are Now Spam On Google Merchant Center  
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In a bid to uphold transparency and authenticity, Google Merchant Center has rolled out a fresh policy concerning “automated content“.

In this new regulation, AI-generated reviews are a BIG no. And they will consider it a SCAM.  

Google keeps emphasizing content that really benefits users, not just SEO.  

The new policy stresses the importance of genuine and unbiased reviews, in line with Google’s commitment to user-centric content.

You should not use automated programs and AI apps used to generate reviews. Reviews heavily influence purchase decisions, so maintaining trust and credibility is key. Google wants to make business-consumer interactions more meaningful and authentic.

(i) Prohibited Content: Apart from AI-generated reviews the policy also covers several other types of content. We don’t tolerate spam, dangerous product reviews, or sharing personal info. Additionally, Google will also remove the content if it uses offensive language or promotes illegal activities.

(ii) Conflict of Interest and Employee-Authored Reviews: The search engine giant won’t accept Employee reviews or reviews from people with a clear conflict of interest. It’s important for businesses to encourage honest reviews from customers who have made a purchase. Reviews reflect real experiences and provide valuable insight to other buyers.

(iii) Steering Clear of Harmful Content: Google is working to foster a safe online environment. You should avoid posting reviews with illegal content, malware, phishing attempts, or links to harmful software. Respecting others’ rights, including copyright and trademark laws, is crucial.

(iv) Promotion and Impersonation: Informative reviews are welcome but do not cross-promote other products or websites. Impersonation is also forbidden. Reviews should only come from real people who have used the product.

(v) Multilingual Reviews and Duplicate Content: If you cater to different markets, you should submit reviews in your native language, although Google allows you to translate them. Duplicate content is also a no-no. Reviewers should only appear once, and businesses shouldn’t syndicate reviews.

(vi) Consequences of Policy Violations: Google uses an automated and human evaluation system to enforce its policies. Violations can result in disapproval, warnings, or account suspension. Online presences are at risk if your business doesn’t follow the guidelines.

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