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The Google NotebookLM is a new AI-powered notebook that was recently unveiled by the company. It is not live yet. You can join the waitlist to learn how it works.

It can compile Documents, Respond to Questions, and Create Ideas Using AI. 

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Why Might You Need It?

We are living in an information era. It’s important to maintain information and streamline the process of gathering it.

Dealing with the constant flood of information can be tough. It’s all around us, and it can get pretty overwhelming.

The common struggle students, professors, and knowledge workers face is connecting facts and ideas from different sources. You might have the sources you need, but connecting them takes time and effort.

Google came up with this idea to solve the problem.

How To Use NotebookLM?

It’s an exciting new tool that combines language models with your own content to provide better insights.

Imagine having a virtual assistant who can summarize information, simplify concepts, and suggest new connections based on the sources you choose.

Let’s get deep into this…

(i) Getting A summary:

If you integrate Google Docs with NotebookLM, it automatically fetches a summary of the document, along with key topics and questions to ask.

(ii) Asking Questions:

It’s easy to ask questions about your document after you upload it. For example, if your document is about off-page SEO, you can ask about backlinks.  

(iii) Generating Ideas: It’s pretty cool because it can generate ideas for you. Suppose you upload a document. This AI notebook generates scripts for you.


It has two clear goals. Here’s what they are:  

  • User-driven product development.
  • Rolling out this technology quickly with the help of user feedback.

NotebookLM is currently in its experimental stage. If you want to get a hang of this tool, you can join the waitlist.

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