In this digital generation, digital marketing has become an immense part of any business. The presence of your business or organization has become the utmost priority nowadays. And content is the lifeline of digital marketing.

A content strategist’s job is to work on the content that all the digital platforms, including any organization’s website, will have. Those pieces of content are directly related to search engine rankings and play a huge role in attracting more audiences.

What Is A Content Strategist?

what is a content strategist

A content strategist is considered as a digital marketing professional whose main duty is related to content creation. They need to play several job roles at the same time. They possess the following personalities.

  • Planning content.
  • Designing content.
  • Creating content.
  • Editing content.
  • Publishing content.

The main focus of all of these is engaging more audiences across various different digital platforms. All these are the overall responsibilities of a content strategy, which varies on the basis of different organizations.

What Does A Content Strategist Do?

what does a content strategist do

In some organizations, the content strategists invest most of their time in doing the strategy work. And their team members do the content creation part. Some organizations also outsource the job of content creation from freelancers or external contractors.

There are also some content strategists who roll up their sleeves and actively participate in the content creation job, apart from doing the planning and editing of content on a regular basis. Here are the things that you are expected to do as a content strategist

  • In order to make decisions related to content strategy, you need to research and analyze different data of your industry and audiences as well.
  • You also need to develop a content strategy along with planning it for your company’s digital channels and websites.
  • You also need to actively take part in creating, editing, and developing content on various digital channels.

Your job is not done yet. Once you are done with the entire process, from research to publishing content, there are more tasks that you need to look after. Here are they

  • You need to make sure that your published content is performing business objectives and goals and matching the compliance or legal standards along with branding.
  • You also need to actively participate in the process of asset creation, such as guides, e-books, tutorials, white papers, and also customers’ stories.
  • Look after promoting those pieces of content via multiple channels, like social media platforms, email outreach, and many more.
  • Improve and execute better organizational content strategies for more effective outcomes.
  • For refining and sharpening your content, you also need to analyze the market and its demands.
  • Check and review the performance of your published content and report to the leadership team.

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The Career Path Of A Content Strategist

the career path of a content strategist

You simply can not become a content strategist overnight. You need to start from the beginning to reach this position. Here is a career path to become a content strategist and get the content strategist salary. A content strategy needs to perform his or her tasks with several teams.

This includes content management systems or usually WordPress, SEO research softwares, web analytics platforms, or mostly Google analytic. The assigned person also needs to use other tools that support the content planning and publication process.

  • Content Creator

The first step that you need to take to get the content strategist certification is to be a content creator. As a content creator, you will receive content specifications in the form of content briefs, and as per that, you need to develop engaging good quality content. You can work with marketing agencies or in-house marketing teams or as a freelancer.

You need to develop some skills of personal organization, deadline management, and communication skills as well. Many people use content writing tools for creating a blog that is not more efficient as compare to manual writing. Once you get enough knowledge and experience of 1 to 3 years, you can take a step towards becoming a content strategist.

  • Content Editor

The next step is being a content editor. Now you need to review other in-house content creators or freelancer’s work and make them prepared for publications. While doing this, you will develop an eye for detail along with a talent for improving content in no time in order to meet up with customer’s specifications.

You will get to know what separates the best writers from others. Gradually you will be able to develop a process of producing customers’ specification friendly work. Once you get thorough knowledge and enough experience of 1 to 2 years, you can switch to the next step.

  • SEO Specialist

Background from the SEO or Search Engine Optimization sector is really beneficial for becoming a content marketing strategist. While you are withdrawing the SEO strategist salary, you will develop some skills of keyword research and the factors that are responsible for the search engine rankings of your website or web pages.

You need to work on on-page SEOs to make your content rank in search engines. As an SEO strategist, you need to work with graphic designers, social media managers, and many other marketing professionals, which is really effective for being a digital marketing strategist. 1 to 2 years of experience will be enough for becoming a content strategist.

  • Content Strategist

So, now as you have spent your 3 to 7 years performing different roles in the digital marketing field, you may have developed the qualities of a content strategist. As a content creator, you get to know how to create or develop content from the specification.

As a content editor, you now know what will make your customers or clients happy. Also, as an SEO strategist, you get to know all the nooks and corners of search engine optimizations. Now you can do keyword research and develop the SEO strategies that will help you to create an SEO friendly content.


So, you can start your journey by getting the content writer salary and end up becoming a content strategist. Remember, you need to have some skills that people who withdraw digital marketing strategist salary have. Once you become a content strategist, you can work a little bit harder to become a digital marketing strategist.

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