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Recently, we received an email from an SEO expressing how a link seller cheated him.

The truth is, he’s not alone. Just like any other field, this one has its fair share of scams.

You might be wondering…

What if the link seller cheats you too?

What if the link is non-indexed?

What if they provide you with irrelevant links?

What if they follow black hat tactics that result in a search engine penalty?

What if they disappear after a fake promise?


Don’t feel alone if that pesky belief is rattling around in your head.

Many SEOS doubt or question “what it takes” before Choosing an outsource link-building partner.

As a leading SEO agency, we want to talk about this. Let us clear up all your doubts and teach you in a step-by-step manner.

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What Is Outsource Link Building

Outsource link building is a process where you seek outside help to build links for you. Here you hire an SEO agency (that is a master at link building) to handle your link building needs.

Why do you take tuition OR enrol yourself into an institute? Because they are experts and they know it better than you. When you have experts with you, there is more likelihood to get success.

Similarly, in outsource link building, the partner takes care of everything. It is like the supermarket where you get everything for your link building needs.

This will not only take the burden from your shoulder, but you will see a positive impact on your online visibility…improved rankings, traffic, higher DA and DR.

Now comes the question…

How Many People Spend On Outsource Link Building?

🔥Over 60% of businesses outsource link building (Searchlogistics).

🔥Approximately 40% of businesses spend between 1000 and 5000 dollars per month.

From the above facts, we hope you understand why link building is important. Now, let’s discuss in more detail why it’s important to outsource link building.

Why Should You Invest In Outsource Link Building?

Because it is worth your effort (higher ranking, more traffic, more money).

Well, we know that you want a detailed explanation, right? So, here you go:

As per Ahrefs, backlinks and rankings go hand-in-hand. They have clarified that the pages with lower referring domains are less likely to rank.

Now, let’s get deeper. Outsource link building – why you must consider it?

1. Saves Your Time

Saves Your Time

If you are an SEO, business owner, or an agency – you have a lot of tasks on your plate. Outsource link building takes the burden from your shoulder.


📌You do not have to go here and there to choose the site (which is relevant). They already have a database with them.
📌They do the outreach (which is time-consuming) part as well.
📌Maintaining a relationship with a publisher requires time and effort. They take care of this as well.
📌Getting links within time requires a serious amount of follow-ups.

2. Higher Ranking

Higher Ranking

Your rank is heavily influenced by how many referring domains you have. Guess what? Referring domain comes with backlinks.

Outsource link building ensures that you get high-quality niche-relevant backlinks. That, in turn, helps you quality referring profile.

3. Industry Experts Working On Your Behalf

Industry Experts Working On Your Behalf

Outsourced link-building agencies hire industry-recognized people to provide optimum quality. Put these experts to work for you. You don’t have to worry about anything because these guys know what they’re doing.

4. Requires Less Cost Than Maintaining An In-House Team

Requires Less Cost Than Maintaining An In-House Team

If you do it by yourself, you need an in-house team of SEO, outreach experts, and content writers. That comes with several costs, including their salaries and other perks.

In contrast, in outsource link building, you do not need to pay a single penny to maintain a team.

Hold on..here is the catch.

Many, many cheap link builders have polluted this space.

So, How To Successfully Outsource Link Building (Safe And Organic)?

How To Successfully Outsource Link Building (Safe And Organic)

When it comes to outsource link building, there are certain considerations.

1. Be Clear With Your Budget And Goals

One of the BIGGEST mistakes people make is a lack of clarity about the budget and goals.

(i) Goal

Is it just backlinks? Traffic? Improving metrics? Leads?

Ensure you know what you exactly want from your campaign.

Otherwise, it will become challenging for you and your link building partner to achieve desired results – because you do not know what to achieve.

An ideal goal is ‘I want 50k traffic in the next 6 months.’

Why do we call it a clear goal?

Because The Goal Is:

  • Measurable.
  • Have a clear purpose.

Well, next, move on to budget.

(ii) Budget

Next comes the budget.

Link building costs vary depending on these factors:

  • Outreach
  • Content Creation
  • Link Placement

Imagine you spent mindlessly for the first month. Then you don’t have a budget next month.

A budget should be something that you can continue for at least 6 months to 1 year.

For example – ‘I can afford 1000 dollars in link building for the next 10 months. 

The above goal is measurable and has a purpose behind it. This is something that you must replicate as well.

2. Gain Knowledge About Link Building

Basic knowledge about link building is a must-have thing. Otherwise, it seems like an obscure process. Knowing the core essentials of link building aids you in better monitoring your link building campaign.

Basically, There Are Three Things That You Need To Understand Here:

Popularity – Are you linking to a site with decent metrics like DA, DR, and traffic? Is that site already popular in that niche? Getting a backlink from a reputed site builds your authority. Most importantly, Google considers you a strong entity in your niche. That, in turn, helps you in boosting your ranking.

Relvance – Are those links relevant to yours? Relevance is important, as it attracts targeted traffic to your site. If your blog talks about SEO, getting a link from a fishing niche isn’t a good idea. Right? Irrelevant links won’t get you the audience you want. Neither will they take action, or they’ll become your brand advocates.

Afhering To White Hat Practices – You must have clarity about white hat and black hat prices. Google considers black hat practices as link spam. So, make sure you know what needs to be avoided. It will help you in choosing the right SEO partner.

3. Ensure That Your Site Is Top Of Its Game

Before you invite guests to your house, you endure that your house is well decorated, right?

Similarly, before you actually garner any link to your site, ensure that your site is well-built.

Look, it is no secret that link building comes under SEO. And a successful SEO strategy takes the website into consideration.

Make Sure Your Website Is:

  • Fast
  • Mobile optimized
  • Have Quality content
  • Elements are intact

👉If you face any challenges with your content, perform a content audit. One reason can be you need to provide high-quality content. Superficial-level information won’t work. Make it more valuable.

👉Another reason can be targeting highly competitive keywords. If yes, then it’s time to tweak your keyword strategy.

4. The Art Of Choosing A Reliable Partner

When choosing a service, consider ✅managed link building plans. WHY? As part of a managed link building plan, the hired agency builds authoritative links over time. Your link building partner takes care of everything so you can focus on other things.

Regular communication, performance metrics, and quality control are key to a successful link-building process. Following the same guidelines should be a priority for your agency.

Next, Look for agencies that have a ✅track record of producing results. You need to pay attention to some indicators of trust.

These Are:

  • Experience within the industry.
  • Case studies.
  • Testimonials.
  • Links to the service’s homepage.
  • Digital presence.

⚠If you are considering a freelancer for outsource link building, step back. Choosing a freelancer may look like a cost-saving option. However, they do not take responsibility for the entire campaign. They can disappear in between the campaign.

Whereas an agency like ours is concerned about its reputation. This is why they are a safe choice.

5. Avoid Red Flags

If you see something like this, take a step back:

🚩Extremely Fast Link-Building Promises: When your link building partner promises instant results, don’t believe it. Building links takes time. So, no one can guarantee instant results.

🚩False Guarantees: No matter how BIG expert you hire, nobody (absolutely, no one) can promise you guaranteed results as the success of Outsource link building is subjected to many factors.

🚩PBN: Gone are those days when PBNs were the most sought-after thing for links (till 2017). However, currently, they are part of black hat SEO. So, ensure you avoid Outsource link building agency that indulges in the same.

🚩Lack Of Transparency: Top agencies are transparent about their pricing and process. If you sense your link building partner isn’t disclosing anything – it’s time to hire someone else.

🚩Cheap Links On Fiverr: On Fiverr and other platforms, you’ll find people selling “100 links for 200 dollars.” This is a clear red flag. Links come with some cost. When you run behind too cheap options, you’ll get low-quality links (with no relevance).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Should You Outsource Link Building?

A: Yes, obviously! Having an in-house team comes with a hefty cost and training. Seeking expert guidance (who already knows the game) and getting results quickly is better.

Q2. How Much Is Link Building In SEO?

A: It depends on various factors such as:
1. The agency’s reputation
2. The number of links required
3. The complexity of the campaign.
However, according to research, Approximately 40% of businesses spend between 1000 and 5000 dollars per month.

Q3. How Do I Find Link-Building Opportunities?

A: You can find link building opportunities by:
1. Conducting competitor analysis.
2. Reaching out to industry influencers.
3. Guest posting on relevant websites.
4. Participating in forums.
5. Using tools to discover broken or unlinked mentions.

What’s Next?

We hope this article gives you some ideas on choosing the right outsource link building service.

Next, do some research. Yes, you read that right.

Make a list of all the top agencies. Now, start eliminating based on the tips in this article.

That’s a long process, isn’t it?

Skip the research and select the right link building partner.

We’re a leading SEO agency that specializes in link building. Book our free strategy call. It’s absolutely free. Talk to our outreach experts. Ask anything you want. If you like us, sign up with us.

That’s all for the day. Till then, happy link building.

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