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As the business landscape is becoming more competitive daily, people started understanding the importance of niches.

Niche demands expertise! Here you start small, and over time you upskill yourself and become and become an expert in the field. This is how to become a major player within your niche and expand your business.

So if you’re a marketer from a niche industry or someone starting from scratch, there is no point in being discouraged about it.

Niche marketing helps you to become an authority within the industry.

In simple words, niche marketing separates a specialist from a generalist. A generalist does everything, but a specialist is best for their niche.

In online selling, you can sell everything under your brand name. But people remember brands for their unique identities.

Let’s understand it right now. If we tell you to imagine a sports car’s name, what brand comes to mind? Or if we ask you to think of buying a burger, you know what comes to your mind. This is the essence of niche marketing that helps your brand stay on top of your audience’s mind.

The article aims to inspire you with 10 exquisite niche marketing examples that help you ideate and initiate the niche marketing process.

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What is Niche Marketing?

Niche marketing is a marketing strategy focusing on a specific target audience. It involves creating a product or service that appeals to a particular group.

You can leverage niche marketing for people with – specific interests, lifestyles, or locations. For example, if you’re from the food industry, you can target people with particular food habits.

Bu targeting a specific group, the chances of success are much higher. And also, it saves cost and time as you don’t have to deal with irrelevant audiences.

To summarize, you can group the niche market based on the following-

  • Price (cheap, luxury, average, discounts, etc.)
  • Values, interests, internet, interest, lifestyle, profession, etc.
  • Demographics (location, age, gender, education level, etc.)

By creating a product or service that appeals to a specific group of people, businesses can increase their chances of achieving success and reaching a higher audience.

10 Niche Marketing Examples

The point of sharing niche marketing examples is to share something that has already worked. Draw references from these examples and curate your good-to-go strategy.

1. Drybar


Let’s first start with the niche market of Drybar, which is blowouts.

A blowout is a post-haircut styling session that involves washing, drying, and styling the hair. Drybar stands out with its unique approach to washing, drying, and styling hair within a quick time.

They don’t offer you hair-cutting solutions. They created a cozy ambiance where you can watch a movie or chill while they wash, dry, and style your hair.


Do what’s necessary! Yes, if you summarize the offerings from Drybar, you’ll see this is what exactly they are doing. Often we don’t require a haircut but crave washing, drying, and styling.

They save a lot of time for people who want to go through only some of the process.

What’s your niche marketing learning from Drybar? How can you apply the same within your industry?

2. Divvies


The target audience of the food industry is widespread. People often choose from a shop with various options when it comes to cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc.

But what about vegan people?

To cater to this specific audience, Divvies specializes in vegan baking.

Moreover, for those with dairy intolerance and nut allergies, Divvies recognized their unmet needs and created a brand specific to them.


While doing niche marketing, you need to give importance to the specific needs of your audience. Everyone is different, and people come with diversified requirements.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and understand that only some are your audience, and you can only satisfy some.

3. Vermont Wooden Toys

Vermont Wooden Toys

Vermont’s wooden toy’s rustic charm and quality commitment helped them stay above the curve, even though they don’t have a flashy website.

They don’t offer multiple payment options except for PayPal. Their simplistic approach is the USB for them. The customers are thrilled with their products, and that’s all matters.

Ron Voake, the proprietor, is the man behind their craftsmanship, and he knows what the customers exactly want from them – craftsmanship, precision, and dedication.

The majority of the clients Voake has are parents. And he knows the fact tha whoever is buying his product is a connoisseur of craft and art by heart.


Vermont’s wooden toys are a live example of how quality takes over in the long run. To scale with your niche marketing, you must produce quality products to establish long-lasting impressions.

4. Powell’s Books

Powell’s Books

Powell’s Books are booksellers based out of Portland, Oregon. It may be surprising to know why a bookseller needs niche marketing. You might need to be corrected here.

How have they done niche marketing?

Powell’s social media marketing plan is remarkable, from actively supporting local authors and joining discussions about books and literature to utilizing hashtags and giveaways to highlight the work of independent bookstores across the country.

These, coupled with books and strategies, garnered followers across the United States.


When it comes to niche marketing, you can’t afford to neglect any aspect. Make sure to value social media’s importance in reaching out to your customer and building your presence.

5. TomboyX


Situations are not the same as they used to be in the past. The LGBTQ+ community has experienced massive growth, leading to widespread acceptance and mass education.

We are from the era where we support equality over gender-biasedness. For this reason, the fine line between men and women continues to blur. As a result, the demand for traditional apparel is declining. At the same time, unisex clothing is getting the upper hand.

TomboyX offers apparel that can fit any body type. And they are intended to address the LGBTQ+ community.


Yes, you can learn niche marketing from TomboyX. But how?

There is neither a product nor a brand – they are the entire community’s voice. If you closely analyze TomboyX, you must have learned another facet of niche marketing: empathetic branding.

TomboyX revolves around the emotional aspects of its target audience. And there are position their brand as if they are standing for a community.

6. The Middle Finger Project

The Middle Finger Project

What if someone found a niche within a niche? Yes, we are talking about Ash Ambirge who 

She needs to address female business visionaries, yet female business proprietors hope to grow the new, one-of-a-kind business.

Starting from body language, persona, and brand positioning – everything goes against conventional business strategies. Are they providing something that all business owners want from them? No, then what makes them unique?

Ash Ambridge caters to an engaged niche and is sassy with her business applications.


Your goal should center around helping someone. By creating the right audience, you can become a trusted expert and the go-to source of knowledge. It does not always mean fame and a huge audience, but authority, admiration, and influence let you achieve no matter what industry you’re serving.

7. Untuckit


Untuckit is the go-to brand for men who prefer wearing their shirts untucked. With 50+ fits, they cater to guys of all shapes and sizes. And they’re not just stopping there – Untuckit now offers polo shirts, jackets, and other male products, and even recently opened their doors to the ladies!

No wonder they’ve become the authority in this niche – their dedication to their craft is something to be admired.


Do you know how challenging it is to find a casual shirt that fits well? Before Untuckit, the market for casual shirts was lacking—until they cracked this simple problem. With its niche marketing strategy, Untuckit has expanded and diversified its product range to become even more successful.

8. Nomatic


The internet has unlocked opportunities for people to build thriving careers as freelancers, digital nomads, and contractors without requiring a desk or office. Instead of purchasing a home, more people prefer to travel from one Airbnb to the next.

Nomatic understands this way of life and provides amazing suitcases and backpacks for all who need to take their work with them. Nomatic is the perfect solution for nomads and digital freelancers to make their journey more engaging!


When searching out the perfect niche, you don’t have to delve into something entirely new. For the most part, Nomatic’s luggage is similar to other brands. Yet, there are slight differences that “connect” to remote workers.

Their entire message is geared solely toward them.

Once you converse with your niche like this, building trust and rapport becomes much simpler.

9. Jacamo


When Jacamo entered the business, they set out to serve a neglected group in the fashion world—larger and taller men who have difficulty finding well-fitting clothes on the high street.

Navigating a huge industry like fashion is no easy feat, so Jacamo decided to make its mark by speaking to potentially the most overlooked fashion-conscious person: the larger and taller men.


Most fashion businesses focus on the young and of a certain physique. This leaves everyone else with bland, low-quality clothes.

But what if these people did care and wanted to care? Jacamo stepped up and showed them they had a business that wanted to listen. You can do the same to your industry’s most overlooked person and unlock hidden opportunities!

10. Lush 

The entire business model of Lush builds around ethical cosmetic consumers. What they offer comes with transparency, ethical practices, and eco-friendly methods.

The products they sell are similar to those of their competitors. Yes, that’s true. But what helps them to stand out is the eco-friendly ingredients and packaging.

They have been doing this for a long time before the plastics-free campaigns are in effect.


Sticking to the brand message helped Lush stay ahead of the curve over the years. They kept their promise and established their business model around their brand promise.

Bottom Line – The Power Of Niche Marketing

Let us ask you a simple question.

Till this point, what have you learned?

We expect that you have learned that niche marketing drives word-of-the-mouth marketing. That, in turn, helps your brand to stay top of the mouth of your audience.

It also helps small businesses to find their target audience and engage with them.

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