What? Google Search Console Shows The Wrong Mobile Indexing Status For Some Sites

Google Search Console Shows The Wrong Mobile Indexing Status for Some Sites It
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It might just be a glitch in the reporting causing your mobile-friendly site to be crawled by the desktop crawler. Don’t fret!

Google finished shifting sites to mobile-first indexing. However, a few mobile-friendly sites noticed that they were wrongly reported as being crawled using desktop indexing.

The Google Search Console’s reporting appears to have a bug, causing some sites to display incorrect mobile indexing status.

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Google’s Stance On Wrong Indexing

Here Is What John Mueller Has Tweeted

“ It looks like we’re also showing the wrong mobile indexing status for some sites in Search Console, which is a reporting issue on our side (and also not related to mobile-friendliness). I’m happy to check, but I assume your site is already in mobile-first indexing.”

How Can You Check This?

To check your indexing status, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Google Search console.

2. On the left sidebar, click on settings.

3. Now, check ‘Indexing Crawler’ under the About section.

Key Takeaway From This News

Keep calm! It’s an error. Wait a week or so and see if things have changed. Good luck!

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