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Google announced a new search algorithm update named “ Google Product Reviews Update.” This update is introduced to reward product reviews that share detailed information rather than thin content that lists a bunch of products with no useful data. 

Google is always working to show some of the most helpful and useful information to the audience in order to satisfy their requirements. However, this update is not a penalty but shares an improvement to its ranking system which can affect sites that contains thin content review while rewarding the high-quality review sites. 

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Google Product Reviews Update [April 2021] – What You Should Know?

Google announced its Product Reviews Update on 8th April 2021. As for now, this update is only going to affect English sites. The main purpose of this update is to present the best reviews before the audience that they are actually searching for. 

The reviews should be well written by experts or those who know the topic well and not presenting the same information that is already available on the web. However, this is not a core update but just a review update that you need to consider if your site is based on reviews. At the same time, this can also affect Service based sites to some extent. 

Rankings can fall of those sites whose reviews have less information and insights. Whereas, websites that are already producing quality content do not have to worry about this update!

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Things To Consider While Writing Product Reviews 

Google stated that they are providing the ranking to those sites that are producing rich content in the product reviews area. Hence, to get your site rewarded by the Google Product review update, you need to consider the following points while writing reviews of any products.

  • Expert’s knowledge should be provided with the reviews.
  • Describe the pros, cons, and elements of the products 
  • Explain the effects of the products on the users and how it is designed.
  • Describe what manufacturers are saying about the product
  • Explain the “things to consider while buying” heading to make it more informative 
  • Specify how the product is better than the related products that consist of the same benefits
  • Illustrate how the products can perform in those areas and identify the key decision-making factors of the same.
  • Explain what sets a product apart from its competitors 
  • Provide quantitative measurements about how a product measures up in many categories of performance 
  • Specify how the product can be used and in what form it exists physically.

Closing Thoughts 

Google Product Reviews Update is one of the important updates of 2021 that you need to pay attention to if your site highlights product reviews. The information above describes the same. Besides, I have tried my best to present the information in bullets and highlight factors to make the data more convenient and easy to understand for you.

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