Google Is Testing Scrollable Snippet (Visually Tempting And Interactive)

Google is Testing Scrollable Snippet
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You’re probably familiar with Google’s Explore feature, right?

Well, now they’re testing a new spin on it by including it as a sub-feature within a single search result snippet.

Essentially, they’re experimenting with a more dynamic and visually-engaging scrollable snippet.

A fellow named Scott Salter caught wind of this and even shared a video of it on Twitter. If you peek at the image he shared, you can get a sense of what it looks like!

Here Is What He Has Tweeted:



As one of the top search engines in the world, Google has always prioritized delivering the best possible user experience for its users. To that end, the company is constantly exploring new ways to enhance its search functionality.

One recent development is the testing of scrollable feature snippets, which would allow users to more easily and efficiently scan through information related to their search query.

By experimenting with different approaches like this, Google is showing its ongoing commitment to improving how we search for and access information online.

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