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image Increased 1600+ Product Keywords To The Top 3 Rankings

Client🧑‍💻, an innovative online platform offering global online earning opportunities, faced a challenge with its organic search rankings. Their search ranking was low, leading to limited visibility for product-specific keywords.

Project Summary

Seeking to enhance their online presence and organic search performance, partnered with us (BloggerOutreach).

In just four months,’s collaboration with BloggerOutreach propelled them from the periphery of search rankings to the top 10 search results, generating over 44,000 impressions.

And, here are the results…

Collaboration Duration: 4 Months

The Challenge aimed to rank well for a wide range of product-specific keywords. However, their existing visibility hindered them from effectively reaching their target audience. In order to boost their search engine rankings, they needed a robust link building strategy.

Domain Rating (DR) over 45.

Organic Traffic exceeding 20,000.

Targeted Locations: USA, Australia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK, and Poland.

We Proposed The Following Strategies

BloggerOutreach devised a multifaceted strategy to elevate’s search rankings and visibility:

We Proposed The Following Strategies

🌐Strategic Link Acquisition: Leveraging its extensive network, we identified and secured high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites that met’s link placement requirements.

💹Keyword Focus: By conducting thorough keyword research BloggerOutreach employed the most relevant and valuable product-specific keywords that should target to enhance its organic search performance.

📝Content Creation: Engaging and informative content was created, tailored to address the interests of’s target audience. This content served as a foundation for link building efforts.

🔗Existing Link Opportunities: BloggerOutreach audited’s existing backlink profile and identified opportunities to optimize and enhance its link ecosystem.

Services Provided By BloggerOutreach 

Link Building: BloggerOutreach’s experienced team executed a comprehensive link building campaign. Sourcing high-quality backlinks from reputable websites with the desired DR and organic traffic metrics.

Content Writing: Crafting engaging and SEO-friendly content. BloggerOutreach produced articles that resonated with the target audience and effectively conveyed’s value proposition.

The Results’s collaboration with BloggerOutreach yielded remarkable outcomes, demonstrating the power of a well-executed SEO strategy:

organic traffic

200% Traffic Growth: experienced a substantial increase in organic traffic. A testament to their improved search rankings and enhanced online visibility.

2X Growth In Referring Domains: The strategic acquisition of high-quality backlinks contributed to a doubling of’s referring domains, solidifying their online authority.

Referring Domains

1500+ New Ranking Keywords: With BloggerOutreach’s guidance. achieved an impressive expansion in its list of ranking keywords, positioning the platform for increased exposure to a broader audience.

Improved Metrics (Domain Rating):’s domain rating witnessed a notable improvement, reflecting the enhanced credibility and authority established through the strategic link building efforts.

This accomplishment underscores the transformative impact of a targeted link building strategy in driving organic search success and elevating a brand’s online presence.

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