Case Study


57% Increase In Organic Traffic For A Coworking Space Platform

🧑‍💻Client: GoFloaters

Project Duration: 6 Months

Project Highlights

Client Background

GoFloaters is a platform that allows users to find and instantly book work and meeting spaces.

Despite its innovative concept, the company faced a significant challenge in generating traffic to its website.

To tackle this issue, they sought our expertise to improve their online visibility and organic traffic.

Client’s Initial Requirement

The initial requirement from GoFloaters was to provide them backlink support. They recognized the importance of quality backlinks in improving their search engine rankings and overall website visibility.

After a thorough SEO Analysis…

We Proposed A 4-Step Strategy

We conducted a comprehensive SEO analysis and devised a well-rounded strategy to boost GoFloaters’ online presence:

🔗Backlink Coverage: The first step was identifying and targeting websites where GoFloaters’ competitors had already built high-quality backlinks. We found more than 60 such sites and aimed to secure backlinks from them as well.

🎯Geographical Targeting: Recognizing the potential of both US and Indian traffic, the strategy focused on acquiring backlinks from sites with sufficient traffic from both regions. This approach aimed to improve credibility and rank higher in search results, while also driving genuine leads from India.

🌐Monthly Backlink Building: BloggerOutreach proposed building 15 high-quality backlinks every month for GoFloaters. During 6 months, the target was to achieve 100 quality backlinks, complemented by strategic postings on platforms like Quora, Reddit, and Medium, which would contribute to improved search rankings for relevant keywords.

🚀Diversified Backlinks: To ensure a diverse and effective link profile, we proposed mixing new high-quality sites with niche relevance, particularly in areas such as tech, entrepreneurship, start-ups, business, and finance. By tapping into these specific domains, GoFloaters could reach their target audience effectively.

Link Placement Requirements By The Client

The client had specific link placement requirements for their home page and a subpage:

2 links to the homepage ( targeting keywords such as “Coworking spaces” and “Office spaces,” and “Meeting Spaces for Rent.”

Links to the subpage “worqflexi” ( targeting keywords related to “Worqflexi,” “Hybrid Workspaces,” and “Remote Workspace.”

The Results

We executed the strategy diligently and achieved remarkable results for GoFloaters:

Over the span of 6 months, the agency successfully established 100 high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources.

Implementing the backlink strategy and other SEO efforts led to a substantial 57% increase in organic traffic (from 5700 to 9200) to GoFloaters’ website.

Because of, the improved link profile and enhanced visibility, GoFloaters witnessed a significant rise in organic keywords ranking on search engines.

The high-quality backlinks (relevant and authoritative websites) acquired during the campaign substantially increased the number of referring domains.

GoFloaters climbed higher in search engine rankings for their target keywords, solidifying their position as a prominent player in the coworking space platform niche.

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