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  • Logical reasons why guest blogging is not dead.
  • How to change your strategy to get the most out of guest blogging.

Table Of Content

Practical Reasons Why Guest Blogging Isn’t Dead Yet!

1. Staying Relevant In Search Algorithms

Staying Relevant In Search Algorithms

2. Even SEO Gets Spammy, But It Isn’t Dead

Even SEO Gets Spammy, But It Isn't Dead

3. No Technical Difference Between Guest Blogging And Other Content

No Technical Difference Between Guest Blogging And Other Content

4. Guest Blogging’s Value Persists Without Links

Guest Blogging's Value Persists Without Links

5. Establishing Authority And Credibility

Establishing Authority And Credibility
  • Your credibility and authority within the industry.
  • Fostering trust among your target audience.

6. Networking Opportunities

Networking Opportunities

7. Humanizing Your Brand

Humanizing Your Brand

Things To Avoid While Writing Guest Blogging Content (Google Hates These..)

Guest Blogging Content
  • Firstly, Valueless Content Hurts SEO: Google punishes guest posts lacking value. Prioritize informative content for better SEO.
  • Secondly, Republished Content: Republishing for more backlinks is a red flag. Google penalizes such tactics.
  • Backlink Overload is a Mistake: Avoid cramming too many backlinks; Google detects and penalizes this cheat.
  • Anchor Text Keyword Caution: Don’t overload anchor text with keywords. Keep it natural for effective backlinks.
  • Beware Low Authority Sites: Publishing on low-quality sites damages SEO efforts. Stick to reputable platforms.
  • Diversify Guest Blogging Sites: Repeatedly using the same sites may seem easy but can appear spammy. Diversify for credibility.
  • Finally, Subject Knowledge Matters: Knowledgeable content enhances reputation and SEO. Write what you know for better rankings.

Guest Blogging Content: Best Practices

  • Write Original Content: Your content must be original; avoid rewrites to maintain uniqueness.
  • Check Backlink Domain: Ensure the website’s authority before using it for backlinks. Use reliable tools.
  • Relevance Of Main Body Backlinks: Links in the main body should relate to the topic, offering valuable insight.
  • Diversify, But Keep It Limited: Link to a few high-quality sites. Avoid overloading with unnecessary links.
  • Beyond Just SEO: Don’t focus solely on SEO. Educate your readers and establish authority.

Beyond SEO: The Holistic Approach To Guest Blogging

  • Educate your audience.
  • Position yourself as a go-to source for information.

Safest Ways To Get Guest Blogging Succes: Seek Help From An Agency

  • Experienced outreach team handles prospecting and conversation.
  • The in-house content team is responsible for creating top-notch and specialized content for every niche.
  • Moreover, we promise a turnaround time of 24-48 hours which is very rare in this industry.
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