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Email Marketing continues to be one of the hottest strategies for marketing and sales professionals in 2021. With more and more brands and professionals looking for GetResponse alternatives, many new products are coming up. Even with the advent of many other digital strategies, email marketing continues to be the preferred option for modern-day businesses.

However, before we begin to list down the best email marketing service providers or ESP, it is best to draw up a list of important questions on the subject.

  • Do you want your email marketing service to be affordable and efficient?
  • Are you looking to use some of the latest features of email marketing like webinars and charging money on landing pages?
  • Is there really a GetResponse alternative in the market that can offer a ton of features?
  • Should there really be a need to look past traditional email marketing strategies and explore Facebook Ads, Exit Pop-Ups, and automation?

In this article, we are going to look at the best five GetResponse alternatives in 2021. We will look at all the main features, pricing plans and help you with the perfect buying guide. However, before we begin, it would be important to discuss the success of email marketing as a digital marketing strategy.

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Is Email Marketing Still The No.1 Digital Marketing Strategy For Brands In 2021?

Email Marketing Is Still The No.1 Digital Marketing Strategy

With the rise of social media, almost all other digital channels were predicted to be extinct. The reality though is entirely different. According to a study conducted by McKinsey, email marketing continues to convert more people to actual sales than social media.

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There are many reasons why brands and marketers still prefer to go all out on an email marketing campaign. While nearly all the below-listed advantages can also be found on social media channels, yet there is a marginal difference.

  • Email Marketing is data-driven and quantifiable in nature.
  • As compared to other channels of digital marketing, email marketing is affordable.
  • If you are doing community outreach then email marketing is very much necessary for the best ROIs.
  • Email Marketing helps in creating a top-of-the-mind recall for your brand.
  • The target setting on an email marketing campaign is researched, directed, and offers high ROIs.

While others will point out many other advantages, we feel that the above four are reason enough why you should still take the strategy seriously. There is still some disagreement among experts on exactly how affordable is email marketing over social media.

According to a study conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), $1 USD spent on email marketing offers a return of $40. Need we say more? Let us now look at some of the best GetResponse alternatives of 2021.

5 Best GetResponse Alternatives of 2021: The List

For a very long time, GetResponse was the preferred option for brands and businesses in the email marketing game. However, steep pricing, bad customer service, and the scale of business it serves have made people think about other providers.

In this section, we have compiled a list of the best five email marketing service providers for 2021. We start with what we think is one of the most powerful all-in-one digital powerhouses on the market today- Engagebay.

GetResponse Alternatives #1. EngageBay:

Engagebay GetResponse Alternatives

Email marketing as a standalone discipline is good. However, if you were to combine with a strong Marketing and Sales CRM tool? Is there a possibility that software can not only help you in reaching out to someone but also-

  • Acquire new and substantial leads for your business
  • Nurture and grow potentialities.
  • Engage with audiences, and,
  • Convert them into repeat consumers.

EngageBay does all this and much more with ease. It is one of the best Get Response alternatives out there in the market for sure. EngageBay helps businesses with several pre-ready email templates that can be easily customized.

The drag and drop builder makes compiling campaigns a breeze. If you are looking for an email marketing tool with the best UI and UX in the market, you will not find better ones than EngageBay. With specific targeting features and formatting help, the email-marketing tool is all about being easy, refined, and powerful at the same time.

One feature that was particularly liked by our Sales and Marketing team about EngageBay was the feature to track and optimize campaigns midway. This helps in rapid course correction and prevents campaigns from going haywire.

We would stretch our neck out and say that EngageBay is the best GetResponse alternative in the market for 2021.

GetResponse Alternatives #2. Activecampaign:

Activecampaign GetResponse Alternatives

No list of the best email marketing software can ever be complete without mentioning the Activecampaign. In addition to GetResponse, Activecampaign has been the surest bet for marketers and sales professionals for the longest time.

Many things work for Activecampaign. The countless features on the dashboard mean that you will never feel inadequate when it comes to the feature list. However, the cool and simple drag-and-drop mechanism will help you declutter the widgets that you do not need.

The pricing is also decent for the endless feature list. This is one major reason why big businesses use Activecampaign to run some big-budget campaigns.

Activecampaign as such does not have a long list of negatives. Most of us who have grown up in the email-marketing era, love it for our own reasons. However, the biggest problem with the software is a result of its biggest advantage- too many features!

For example, a junior marketing executive will have a hard time understanding the platform and steering through all the widgets and features, In other words, Activecampaign has a tendency to be overwhelming at first.

GetResponse Alternatives #3. MooSend:

MooSend GetResponse Alternatives

My first interaction with MooSend was when someone sent me what was probably one of the best-designed email newsletters I had ever received. I did not like the product but got in touch with the team to know more about what they were using.

After knowing about MooSend, I tried the platform for myself. To be honest, everyone on the team was impressed with their inbuilt Campaign Editor. The host of customization options and level of personalization, make MooSend great from a UX perspective.

According to other reviewers, the flexible pricing options for MooSend are what make it such an attractive proposition. You start from free $0 plans and go all the way to about $3500. This depends on the number of subscribers you add to the campaign.

I tried to come across some negative reviews of MooSend, but frankly, there were none. Some of my team members pointed out that it is not aligned with our office SaaS software.

I did a bit of digging and found that this was indeed the case in some reviews. However, the MooSend team is young, smart and has already started working on solving this issue.

GetResponse Alternatives #4. ConvertKit:

ConvertKit GetResponse Alternative

Would you have imagined an email marketing tool that does not have a Contact List per se some years back? No, not at all. However, what happens when a vibrant new company wants to redefine the drab landscape of email marketing?

Enter, ConvertKit. This new entrant in the game combines traditional email marketing with new-age social media. As against contact lists, there is a cool nifty feature, which helps you tag and un-tag participants.

Another feature that you are going to love in ConvertKit is the level of automation that the tool offers. The feature list of automation is nearly comparable to some of the highly-priced suites in the market.

You might be thinking that ConvertKit is a great GetResponse alternative at this point. However, the new-age tool does not take too kindly to features like personalization and drag-and-drop. Another major impediment is the absence of a free trial.

No one wants to run major campaigns on platforms that they are not comfortable with. ConvertKit should seriously think about offering a free trial version to consumers.

GetResponse Alternatives #5. iContact:

iContact GetResponse Alternative

Another name that deserves to be on the list of GetResponse alternatives is definitely iContact. The Morrisville-based company, which has been in operation since 2003, is a viable alternative in the email marketing software industry.

The best part about iContact is that its appeal lies from small startups to multi-million dollar corporations. In other words, iContact has the capability to work on a subscriber range from 15000 to 15 million-plus!

Not many products in this list can boast of having such an extensive area of operation. Another thing, which truly differentiates iContact from other mentions in the list is its industry-famous Success Manager.

What is a Success Manager? Well for iContact, the success manager is a 24×7 Strategic Email Advisor and Consultant. Is it expensive? Not at all. This ensures that the success rate of all your email campaigns is always at an optimum level.

Even brands who do not understand the ins and outs of email marketing can use iContact’s Success Manager to turn over highly profitable campaigns.

One common observation that many users reported was the mobile responsiveness of iContact. The adaptability issue to mobile and tablet screens has been reported.

The Final Word

With new and powerful products being launched in the email marketing ecosystem, it would be safe to say that the strategy is not going anywhere. Whatever social media throws at it, email marketing will continue to grow.

In this article, we looked at the best five alternatives to GetResponse in 2021. While we loved some for their innovation, we did not like some of their other features. Given the comparative nature of the article, it would be safe to say that EngageBay offers the best overall value for money.

The platform is powerful, easy to use, and boasts of an unmatched affordability quotient. This does not mean that EngageBay does not have as extensive a feature list as Activecampaign. In fact, EngageBay outperforms Activecampaign when it comes to the feature list.

The high level of personalization along with keeping user-friendly touches like drag and drop makes EngageBay one of the best email marketing software in the market.

What are some of the other email marketing tools, which you prefer to use? Are they worthy GetResponse alternatives? Let us know in the comments section below.

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