Money Refund Policy works towards providing consumers with a money refund policy. When purchasing subscription plans or sponsored publications services you agree that payments need to be cleared, but can be refunded. This refunding is subject to the sole discretion of However, does not honour requests for refunds or return payments for any of these reasons:

1.  Poor or improper technical performance of partner news websites, press release aggregating websites. It includes: the availability of web pages 24/7, the website loading speed, the presence or absence of hyperlinks, the presence in the index of search engines, third party comments, text layout, content and style

2.  If customers consider that services are not provided as described, they can submit the complaints to the

Please, contact within 7 days of the date of buy. You must provide clear evidence that the purchased product or service fails to meet its description on our website. We do not honour complaints based merely on the customer’s false expectations or wishes. reviews complaints on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to approve or deny any complaint in our sole discretion.

When withdrawing funds from the system, the processing fee charged when you enter funds into the system is not refundable.

When making a refund, there is also a fee for processing the payment for the withdrawal of funds from the system, equal to the commission for processing the payment when you enter the funds into the system.

The system fee for processing the payment when you enter and withdraw funds from the system may vary and depends on the payment system used to enter and withdraw funds to / from the system.

The withdrawal of funds from the system is carried out only by the payment method that was used for entering funds into the system.

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