Case Study


Viacon: 300+ High Quality Backlinks Within 6 Months

Viacon Marketing and Technologies Pvt Ltd is a Digital Marketing company based in India. The startup is young, dynamic and wanted to reach out to European and American markets for business. They reached out to us to help them with rankings for their industry relevant keywords. As you will see from the following case study, within a very small period, we helped them improve their SEO metrics, the number of referring domains (backlinks), website traffic and improved their lead generation.

1. Referring Domains-

An important aspect of a new website is aggressive backlink building. To this end, we worked with many publishers of repute and placed high quality content on their web pages. Within a year, we built more than 300+ high quality backlinks, which helped them rank for 20+ keywords in the top ten rankings. The Content Team also created 40+ high quality long format articles, which we then requested other content publishers to link to. The increase in referring Domains brought traffic, improved visibility and increased direct queries.


2. Organic Traffic-

Getting traffic on a niche website like Digital Marketing is difficult. When we started with the SEO strategy, we realised the need for a strong Inbound Promotion. We also took to social media and other review platforms to help build no-follow links and drive targeted traffic. This is why we were able to increase the traffic from 0 to more than 600. The traffic, which was coming to the website, was organic and dedicated. This helped in raising over 100+ Sales Queries and requirement requests from different brands and agencies.

3. Keyword Trends-

Ranking for keywords in niche fields might be challenging, but Blogger Outreach’s SEO team loves a good challenge. We strategically broke down the keywords and followed a long tail keyword policy successfully. Within a period of one year, we were able to rank for more than 150+ keywords in the industry niche. These keywords were High Volume and Moderate Difficulty. We also used Infographics and reached out to various publishers to link their content with ours. The strategy was successful, as it was a mix of all the strategies Google and other authorities like Ahrefs and Moz recommended.

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