Case Study


FollowTheFashion: 1500 Organic Keywords in 60 Days

FollowTheFashion is a fashion blogsite, started by a fashion blogger. The aim of the website is to provide users with the hottest and latest trends in the world of fashion. We started working with the client in the month of January 2020. The client wanted to rank for several articles and keywords and gain website traffic and improved metrics.

1. Referring Domains-

As you can see, in a very short span of time, our customised SEO campaign on BloggerOutreach saw an increase in the number of referring domains for ‘FollowTheFashion’. We worked with niche publishers and built more than 50 high quality backlinks for the fashion blog site. We created the backlinks over a period of two months, by connecting with publishers (DA-25+ and Traffic-1K+). We only worked with the best publishers to build backlinks.

2. Organic Traffic-

One of the main targets given by the client to us was an increase in website traffic. When we got on to the assignment, the traffic of the website was zero. Within one month, we used the Blogger Outreach platform and increased the website traffic to more than 500+ (currently the traffic is over 2.5K+). This has opened many Guest Posting and Link Building opportunities for the client. As of now, the client is earning over $1500 USD from the site every month.

3. Organic Keywords-

On Blogger Outreach, our expert SEO team endeavours to rank several keywords of the site, as the best way to gain traffic and metrics. On ‘Follow The Fashion’ we followed a similar strategy. As you can see from the image, there is a sharp jump in the number of ranking keywords, as soon as we started the assignment for the client in January 2020. This goes to show that a properly executed and formulated SEO strategy can go a long way in ensuring success.

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