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Google Search continues to evolve and become more user-friendly.

It’s time to stop wondering how to get Google to understand your paywalled content because we will get you covered.

The Google Rich Results Test has undergone a significant upgrade. It’s now equipped to support paywalled content. Here is the official update:

“Starting Today, The Rich Results Test Supports Validation Of Structured Data For Paywalled Content.”

This new feature will validate whether Google Search comprehends your content’s paywall status. This tool will become your best friend if you’re managing a website with paywalled content. It will tell you whether your website utilizes the correct structured data for paywalled content.

Picture this: you have a financial news website like the Financial Times, which is known for its paywall system. Now, you can plug a URL from your site into the Google Rich Results Test. What you’ll get in return clearly indicates whether your site’s structured data aligns with Google’s requirements for paywalled content.

The rich results tool is available right on Google’s website to make things even more user-friendly. This tool has the capacity to design and maintain to display different types of rich results that Google Search offers. So, if you want to test your markup for rich results and see how they might appear in Google Search, this tool covers you.

Google is pretty excited about this update and wants you to be excited, too. They stress the importance of this feature for websites with paywalls. It’s a great tool for debugging and validation. Now, you can check if your implementation works with Google.

So, don’t hesitate to give it a try. If you have any paywalled URLs, pop them into the Google Rich Results Test. It’s a quick and easy way to ensure that Google Search recognizes your structured data for paywalled content. Making your content more accessible and discoverable has never been simpler.

In other words, Google’s Rich Results Test can help you find paywalled content. When you use this useful tool to validate your structured data, Google Search can understand and display your content correctly. So, why wait? Give it a whirl and see how it can benefit your paywalled website.

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