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Good news for businesses utilizing Google’s Local Services Ads platform!

The search giant has announced a significant update to streamline how you manage your photos within the platform.

Starting on November 13, 2023, Google will merge the existing Local Services Ads photos guidelines into the same page as the Local Services platform policies.

In a move that aims to simplify and improve the user experience. This consolidation will make navigating and adhering to photo guidelines for your Local Services Ads easier.

Here Is What Adriaan Decker Has Tweeted:

“Update Local Services Platform Policies

Google is going to update the Local Services Platform Policies. On 13 November 2023, Google will consolidate the existing Local Services Ads photos guidelines on the same page as the Local Services platform policies.”

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What Is Changing?

Google is taking a step towards greater transparency and user-friendliness. Basically, it is bringing the Local Services Ads photos guidelines under the umbrella of the Local Services platform policies.

This means that instead of hunting for separate guidelines, everything you need to

know about photos for your Local Services Ads will be in one place.

Why Is This Important?

This move is significant because it not only eases the business process…

…but also ensures you know all the policies and guidelines associated with photos on Local Services Ads.

Having everything consolidated in one place makes it more convenient to understand and comply with Google’s requirements.

What Remains The Same?

Google has explicitly mentioned that this update will not affect the enforcement practices toward Local Services Ads.

So, how Google enforces these ads’ policies and guidelines will remain unchanged.

You should continue to follow the existing best practices to ensure your Local Services Ads are in compliance with Google’s policies.

How Does This Benefit You?

Consolidating these guidelines can make your life easier when dealing with Local Services Ads.

Now, you won’t have to navigate between multiple pages to understand the photo guidelines and platform policies.

Instead, you’ll find all the necessary information conveniently located in one place.

This update aims to save you time and effort, making it simpler to manage your Local Services Ads and comply with Google’s policies regarding photos.

As a business owner or marketer, you can focus on what matters most: reaching your local audience effectively and growing your business.

In Conclusion

Google’s suggestion is a welcome move to consolidate Local Services Ads’ photos guidelines with the Local Services platform policies.

From November 13, 2023, businesses will be able to navigate and understand Google’s Local Services Ad requirements in a more convenient manner.

With this update, You can continue using your Local Services Ads strategies as before.

Takeaway: Google is working to improve your experience, thus helping you gain local customers and grow your business.

Hence, mark your calendars for November 13 and enjoy this consolidation’s simplicity.

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