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Yiğit Konur on Twitter cited that technical SEO is losing its importance.

In response to this statement, Mueller has clearly clarified that –

“Technical SEO is not going away; it continues to be the foundation of everything built on the open web.”


Well, let’s start from the beginning:

Konur argued that technical SEO is often misunderstood and made needlessly complicated.

He suggested prioritizing creating and improving great content unless significant technical problems arise.

This discussion started after a video from Google Search Central on website redirect. Moreover, it reflects a larger SEO debate that heated up after Google updated its ranking system guidelines.

In April, Google made changes to its ranking systems documentation. You know what? Some technical SEO factors like HTTPS and Core Web Vitals were taken out.

Google promptly clarified that these factors are still vital for SEO success.

Here Is What Search Liason Danny Sullivan Has Said:

“It does *not* say page experience is somehow “retired” or that people should ignore things like Core Web Vitals or be mobile-friendly. The opposite. It says if you want to be successful with the core ranking systems of Google Search, consider these and other aspects of page experience.”

Sullivan clarified the distinction between “systems” and “signals” in rankings. In fact, he highlights that the update shifted specific page experience elements from the “systems” category to the “signals” category.

This alteration doesn’t imply these aspects became irrelevant. Rather, they became signals utilized by other systems.

Official Statement👇

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