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SEOs have become quite apprehensive since the September 2023 helpful content update came into effect.

About this, John Mueller clarifies that Google will not roll it back.

He said – “To be direct, I don’t see us rolling this update back. Also, none of this was done to spite anyone – we want to *highlight* fantastic, helpful, unique, compelling, “people-first” content in search and we will continue to work on our algorithms to move in that direction.”

The above statement clearly states that Google knows what they are doing. Every update come with a common goal:

Answering search queries in the best way possible.

So, if your SEO effort is aligning with this goal, there is no need to worry.

John also mentioned that spinning Reddit content for SEO is quite alarming.

“The problem I often see is that the “website” is just respinning Reddit content, often even indirectly. I’d much prefer to get the original, hands-on posts, written by people who actually did what they’re writing about. 5 years old? Still better than a month-old AI/cheap rewrite.”

So, what do you need to do at the moment?

Keep up the good work going.

As Google always emphasizes the importance of people-first content, you must abide by that.

The Search Giant Always Loves Content That Is:

  • Unique
  • Original
  • Backed by first-hand knowledge

So, all the SEOs, publishers, content creators – do not panic. Provide high quality content.

So, SEOs, publishers, and content creators don’t panic. Make sure your content is of high quality.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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