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Google updated PageSpeed Insights with Lighthouse 11. It is a new version of the open-source measurement tool.

To explain, Lighthouse 11 is an open-source tool that aids in debugging issues related to your website. Interestingly, Google launched an updated version of this tool on 28th August.

Regarding This, The Notable Changes Include:

  • New accessibility audits.
  • Changes in best practices audits.
  • Fixing a scoring bug in Largest Contentful Paint (LCP).
  • Updating Interaction to Next Paint (INP) to no longer be experimental.

INP is a metric measuring webpage interactivity. Interestingly, set to become an official Core Web Vital in 2024.

The LCP scoring bug from Lighthouse 10.2.0 has been resolved.

Lighthouse 11 introduces thirteen new accessibility audits. It will emphasize website functionality for diverse users.

So, Here Are The Notable Changes:

1. Landmarks for Navigation: Landmarks in content provide easy navigation. This assistive technology supports quick content location.

2. Image Redundant Alt: The image-redundant-alt audit identifies redundant alternative text. Suppose an image’s alt-text repeats adjacent text. It causes repetition when read by screen readers.

3. Lighthouse 11 Update: This update brings significant changes to PageSpeed Insights. Resulting in more substantial updates in 2024.

4. Official Announcements: Regarding these topics, updates can be found in multiple locations, including GitHub error reports.

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