New AI-powered Google Search Engine – The Google Search Generative Experience

Google Search Generative Experience
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Are you curious about what the ‘Google Search Generative Experience’ will look like?

So, Google just unveiled a sneak peek of a cool new search engine they’re working on.

It’s called the Google Search Generative Experience and is currently in the experimental phase.

It is unique because they’re incorporating generative artificial intelligence technology into the search interface for a younger audience.

Sounds pretty innovative, right?

Here Is What The Search Engine Giant Has Said

“With new generative AI capabilities in Search, we’re now taking more of the work out of searching, so you’ll be able to understand a topic faster, uncover new viewpoints and insights, and get things done more easily.”

They Used The Following Prompt To Test This Cool Feature:

“what’s better for a family with kids under 3 and a dog, bryce canyon or arches.”

And Here Is The Response:

Giant Says

Table Of Content

Key Features Of The Google Search Generative Experience

If you closely see the screenshot shared above, you’ll find the following sections:

  • Search bar
  • Labs icon
  • Toggle expande
  • Generative answer
  • Follow-up button
  • Additional search listings
  • High-quality & trusted sites are sourced for part of this answer
Here’s The Glimse Of Google Search Generative Experience  

Once you glance at the picture, you’ll see some suggested actions, like asking follow-up queries such as “What’s the recommended duration to visit Bryce Canyon with children?”

If you click on them, you’ll be directed to a new chat interface with Google, where you can ask additional questions about the subject you’re investigating.

A New Shopping Experience

Here Is What Google Has Added:

“When searching for a product, you’ll get a snapshot of noteworthy factors to consider and products that fit the bill.

You’ll also get product descriptions that include relevant, up-to-date reviews, ratings, prices and product images.

That’s because this new generative AI shopping experience is built on Google’s Shopping Graph, which has more than 35 billion product listings — making it the world’s most comprehensive dataset of constantly-changing products, sellers, brands, reviews and inventory out there.

In fact, every hour, more than 1.8 billion listings are refreshed in our Shopping Graph to give people fresh, reliable results.”

Changes In Search Ads With Generative AI

In the next few weeks, Google will be experimenting Search Generative Experience (SGE). SGE will maintain the appearance of search ads in their designated ad slots on the page.

Despite this new update, advertisers can still connect with potential customers along their search journeys. As Google gain more insights, they will continuously experiment and refine the ads experience.

Changes In Search Ads with Generative AI

Search | Google I/O 2023

During Google I/O on May 10, 2023, Cathy Edwards, who holds the position of Vice President and General Manager for Search Discovery & Ecosystems, gave a talk about Google’s latest development of incorporating generative AI into Google Search.

Check Out The Video Here👇

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