Google Business Profiles Auto Edits Business Attributes: What You Need to Know

Google Business Profiles Auto Edits Business Attributes
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It’s no secret that Google plays a significant role in helping people discover local businesses. One key element of this is Google Business Profiles, where businesses provide information about their:

  • Services
  • Hours
  • Other important details.

However, recent reports suggest that Google is taking it a step further. They are automatically editing certain attributes within these profiles.

Let’s dive into what this means for business owners.

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Why Is Google Editing Business Attributes?

According to numerous reports, Google is making business attribute edits when necessary. Automatic editing improves the accuracy of the information available to users primarily through logic.

If a business specifies “cash-only” as a payment choice but also acknowledges alternative payment methods, Google will automatically update “cash-only” to “no.” This adjustment aligns with the business’s acceptance of various payment options.

This is analogous to a signpost being changed to indicate the destination has changed; the old sign is no longer relevant and needs to be updated.

Additionally, Google is known to remove the COVID testing centre attribute entirely if a business sets it to “no.” This is a practical move, as businesses not offering COVID testing shouldn’t have this attribute displayed.

User Reactions And Benefits

The reactions to these auto-edits have been generally positive. Business owners and local SEO experts find these changes helpful and logical. It simplifies the process for business owners who may not always remember to update every attribute…

…especially if some changes are related to default settings.

For example, the COVID testing centre attribute can’t be unset manually. So, businesses can avoid potentially misleading information by setting this attribute to “no.”

What Business Owners Should Know?

You should be aware of these automatic edits if you own a Google Business Profile. In addition to Google’s logic, ensuring your business profile’s attributes align with your offerings is always a good idea.

It is important to remember that these auto-edits are intended to provide users with accurate and relevant information. You should also make sure your business profile aligns with your offerings and Google’s logic.

Google’s auto-edits of business attributes aim to enhance the overall user experience and ensure accurate information. The edits can benefit business owners as long as they keep their profiles updated and relevant to their services.

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