Google Bard Is Currently Working On Two Things – Concise Summaries and Making Sources More Useful

Google Bard
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It’s great to see Google is constantly improving its ability to provide accurate and helpful information to users.

Google recently rolled out an update that makes its responses even more impressive. With this update, called Google Bard, the search engine now provides genuine citations and delivers more concise information summaries.

So, when you search for something, you can expect more reliable sources and clearer, more concise explanations from Google’s search results.

Google improved its large language models, specifically Bard, to enhance its ability to generate concise summaries. According to the Bard changelog, these advancements make Bard better at summarizing information, which is great when looking to grasp the main points of a topic quickly.

Here Is What Jack Krawczyk Has Said

“We’re continuing to improve Bard (

Starting today, we’ve tuned the model to be better at concise summaries – this is especially helpful when you want to get the gist of a topic quickly like this one.”

Jack Krawczyk

He Further Added –

“We’re also making sources more useful. Now, for responses with sources, you’ll now be able to identify the section of the text that matches the source and easily navigate to it.”

Jack Krawczyk 2

Quick Summary

Google is constantly improving Bard to make its summaries more concise. They used advancements in large language models to enhance Bard’s ability to summarize information.

This is particularly useful when you need to grasp the main points of a topic quickly. Bard may not always be perfect, but they are continuously working on improving it based on your feedback.

The search engine giant is improving Bard to make the sources more useful for you. When you receive a response with a source, you’ll notice numbers alongside the text. By clicking on these numbers, you can easily identify the text’s specific section corresponding to the source and navigate to it.

Google will simplify your understanding of the connection between the response and the source, and they will provided inline source links to facilitate that.

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