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Unless you’re an isolated person, we hope you’re well aware of what’s popular around the globe.

Within the first week of its launch, OpenAI-backed chatbot ‘ChatGPT’ has smashed all records and garnered a whopping 1 million users. 

Have you heard the news? 

ChatGPT, the AI-based chatbot system, is taking the internet by storm. Currently, there is a buzz around the tech industry regarding this topic. The chatbot went viral, and people shared their screenshots on the web, especially on Twitter.

With natural language processing (NLP) power, this bot can generate highly engaging conversations. As they designed the platform to simulate a human conversation, ChatGPT allows you to get answers to your questions through a human-like natural engagement. 

If you’re someone from the content marketing landscape, it can help you in SEO. However, a lot of people are uncertain whether to leverage ChatGPT for SEO or not. 

Keeping all the positive and negative aspects in mind, we have decided to write a comprehensive article on ChatGPT. 

In this article, we will tap into the following:

  • What ChatGPT is and its history.
  • Why is it trending?
  • The pros and cons of it.
  • What experts think about ChatGPT.
  • Should you use ChatGPT for SEO?
  • The future of ChatGPT

Without taking much time, let’s dive in. 

Table Of Content

The Company Behind ChatGPT – OpenAI

The Company Behind ChatGPT - OpenAI

You might be curious to know about the inventor of ChatGPT. 

San Francisco-headquartered AI and research company ‘OpenAI’ launched ChatGPT on 30th November 2022. 

Evolution Of OpenAI

OpenAI was launched in 2015 by Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and others. It was a not-for-profit organization during the initial days, which was changed late. 

Later in 2019, the company’s status changed from a not-for-profit to capped profit (an amalgamation of profit and non-profit) company. 

In 2019, the company raised 1 billion from tech-giant Microsoft. 

Is Elon Musk Still Associated With OpenAI?

No, Elon Musk is not associated with ChatGPT. In 2018, Musk resigned from the board of directors due to possible conflict. 

Let’s see what Musk tweeted back in 2020 about OpenAI – I have no control & only very limited insight into OpenAI. Confidence in Dario for safety is not high.

Let’s take a look at the recent Tweet from Musk – 

Not surprising, as I just learned that OpenAI had access to the Twitter database for training. I put that on pause for now. 

Need to understand more about governance structure & revenue plans going forward.

OpenAI was started as an open-source & non-profit. Neither is still true.

What Is ChatGPT?

What Is ChatGPT?

The aim of launching ChatGPT is to simulate human-like conversation through a bot. 

GPT stands for Generative Pre-training Transformer and was developed with the help of a large learning model. 

A Large Learning Model is an AI-Powered mechanism that aims to produce human-like responses predicting the next word in a sentence.

Using deep learning, GPT-3.5 is an exciting language model that ChatGPT employs to process human-authored text. The older version only accepted text commands and responded with robot-generated text. 

ChatGPT or GPT 3.5, however, is more interesting because it can compose both captivating prose and poetic verse. It also remembers what was said in the past and encourages the user to say it again.

What Can You Do With ChatGPT?

The bot is capable of executing tasks like:

  • Answering a question through the chat and producing more realistic human-like responses. 
  • If you’re a video content creator, you can outline your script through this bot. 
  • It allows you to brainstorm content and keyword ideas. 
  • You can also create an email response with it. 
  • Digital marketers can design their ad copies with the help of this bot. 
  • You can translate text into multiple languages. 
  • Finally, you can create content marketing resources such as blogs or social media captions.

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How To Get Started With ChatGPT?

To experience the world of ChatGPT, visit http://chat.openai.com/

How To Get Started With ChatGPT?

To get started with its interface, click on ‘sign up’.

ChatGPT sign up

Once you’re done with the ‘sign up’ process, the interface will show multiple examples, capabilities, and limitations about what you can do with ChatGPT.

sign up process

As it is free to use, use it and think of how it can add value to your field. 

How To Use ChatGPT For SEO?

ChatGPT comes with the potential to help you out in writing SEO-optimized articles, technical optimization, and Link Building efforts. 

1. Generating SEO-Friendly Articles

(i) Idea Generation

If you are searching for a topic or something closely related to the topic within your niche, ChatGPT can help you immensely. 

The bot search will come up with relevant topics and assist you in idea generation. 


Imagine your topic is ‘‘make money online’’, and you like to know more questions related to this topic; you can search the following:

Generate 5 frequently asked questions connected to “make money online’’ that are pertinent in 2023.

Idea Generation

(ii) Keyword Research

Conducting keyword research is as easy as a Google search. ChatGPT lets you classify a list of keywords closely related to the ‘search intent’. 


We have searched – “Make a list of keywords related to ‘make money online’ that can fulfill the search intent.” 

And here are the possible keywords.

(iii) Title Generation

It is amazing to know that ChapGPT can create Titles for Blog or Page content. 

We have tried this text – 

“Generate 5 unique titles for the following paragraph mentioning the keyword ‘Blogger Outreach Services’. 

BloggerOutreach is an industry-leading digital platform that takes care of SEO and content marketing and provides stellar blogger outreach services.”

And here is the response provided by ChatGPT-

ChatGPT Title Generation

(iv) Proofread Your Content

Thanks to ChatGPT, you can produce error-free content and be grammatically correct. 

Here is how we executed proofreading with ChatGPT – 

“Proofread this text – Searching and discovering new publishers costs you a lot of time. We created an all-inclusive Blogger Outreach Platform where you get the most relevant websites (with high DA, DR, and traffic) according to your niche.”

Here is how ChatGPT arranged the above text – “Searching and discovering new publishers can cost you a lot of time. To save you time, we’ve created an all-inclusive Blogger Outreach Platform. On our platform, you’ll find the most relevant websites in your niche, all with high Domain Authority (DA), Domain Rating (DR), and traffic.”

ChatGPT Proofread Your Content

(v) Meta Description For Your Page 

Here, you can create a meta deception that is engaging and also contains the keyword & call to action. 

We tried generating a meta description for our page. 

Here is what we searched on ChatGPT – “Generate a meta description on the following topic – BloggerOutreach is an industry-leading digital platform that takes care of SEO and content marketing and provides stellar blogger outreach services. 

Add the keyword <Blogger Outreach>, and the Call to action <visit now. Make sure you don’t exceed the limit of 160 characters.>.”

ChatGPT provided the following responses for us – “Maximize your online reach with our Blogger Outreach services. An industry-leading platform for SEO & content marketing. Visit now!”

(vi) Spinning Your Content

ChatGPT aids you in spinning your content, keeping the context intact. With the help of ChatGPT, you can rephrase your existing content and still avoid duplication. 

We searched for – “Spin the following text keeping the context the same-

BloggerOutreach is an industry-leading digital platform that handles SEO and content marketing and provides stellar blogger outreach services.”

ChatGPT’s Response – “The BloggerOutreach platform is a cutting-edge digital solution that manages SEO and content marketing, delivering outstanding blogger outreach services.”

ChatGPT Spinning Your Content

(vii) Generate FAQ For Your Content 

Long-form articles come with FAQs related to the topic. With ChatGPT, you easily get the idea of the most relevant FAQ revolving around your topic. 

We Searched For – “List down the most relevant frequently asked questions related to link building and blogger outreach services”. 

ChatGPT’s Response – 

ChatGPT Generate FAQ For Your Content

(viii) Share Facts And Statistics

Adding facts, figures, trends, and statistics always helps content stand out. By leveraging ChatGPT, you do the same in a hassle-free manner. 

We Searched For – “Share some recent, industry relevant facts, figures, tends, and statistics around this digital marketing landscape”

ChatGPT’s Response – 

Share Facts And Statistics

2. Technical Optimization

At this point, you get an idea of how you can capitalize ChatGPT for creating SEO-friendly articles. Now, let’s focus on how ChatGPT can boost your Technical SEO efforts.

(i) Creating Structured Data For Your Content 

We Searched For – “Generate home page schema markup for the below-mentioned topic-

Drive your business forward faster with the voted #1 search engine optimization, content marketing, and link building services at low cost. Scalable and reseller friendly at affordable prices.”

ChatGPT’s Response – 

Creating Structured Data For Your Content

(ii) Helps in Creating Rules For Robots.txt. 

We Searched For – “Produce a robot.txt rule that helps in crawling the about us page”

ChatGPT’s Response – 

Helps in Creating Rules For Robots.txt.

You might be wondering if it is even possible for ChatGPT to help in link-building efforts. 

Yes, that’s possible! Here is how:

(i) Gather Details About Potential Websites To Outreach 

We Searched For – “List down the probable websites that talks about ‘SEO”.

ChatGPT’s Response – 

Gather Details About Potential Websites To Outreach

(ii) Preparing Outreach Emails

We Searched For – “Create a cold email content mentioning that we provide #1 blogger outreach services at competitive prices. Please mention that we have worked with 1000s of advertisers and publishers around the globe.”

ChatGPT’s Response – 

Subject: Boost Your Online Visibility with Our #1 Blogger Outreach Services

Dear [Name],

Are you looking to increase your online visibility and drive more traffic to your website? Our #1 blogger outreach services can help you achieve just that. We are a team of experienced professionals who have worked with thousands of advertisers and publishers around the globe. We understand the importance of building relationships with influencers in your niche to help you achieve your marketing goals.Our services are competitively priced and we offer a range of packages to suit your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive sales, or generate leads, we have the expertise to help you succeed.Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your online presence to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals.


[Your Name]

P.S. We would be happy to provide you with some examples of the success stories of our clients. Please let us know if you would like to see them.”

Preparing Outreach Emails

Read This Before You Use ChatGPT For SEO

Are you planning to make the most out of ChatGPT for SEO? Before making any efforts, you should consider the following points into consideration. 

(i) AI-generated Violates Guidelines 

Google’s John Muller has cleared its stance that AI-generated content is spam to Google. 

Here is what he said – “For us these would, essentially, still fall into the category of automatically generated content which is something we’ve had in the Webmaster Guidelines since almost the beginning.

And people have been automatically generating content in lots of different ways. And for us, if you’re using machine learning tools to generate your content, it’s essentially the same as if you’re just shuffling words around, or looking up synonyms, or doing the translation tricks that people used to do. Those kinds of things.

My suspicion is maybe the quality of content is a little bit better than the really old-school tools, but for us, it’s still automatically generated content, and that means for us it’s still against the Webmaster Guidelines. So we would consider that to be spam.”

(ii) AI-Backed Content Is Detectable 

Google has been striving for many years to detect AI-generated content. 

A lot many people argue that there is no way to detect AI-detected content. 

Even if you think that AI-generated content can bypass algorithm detection, Google has already built the solution. 

For decades, researchers have been exploring ways to discover machine-generated content, such as content translated from another language. 

(iii) Can Come With Watermark In The Future 

Some experts argue that in the future, ChatGPT can come with Watermark. 

So in the next version of ChatGPT, you can expect watermarking. 

Watermarked content is easily detectable and can lead to search engine penalties

General Limitations Of ChatGPT

Everything comes with its own drawbacks. Similarly, ChatGPT has its own limitations. 

(i) Limited Knowledge Up To 2021

The database of ChatGPT doesn’t hold data that is before 2021. So if you’re planning to fetch current facts, data, and reports – you’re not going to get it here. 

To test this, we searched – “Who is the current PM of the UK ?”

The bot replied – “Boris Johnson”.

Limited Knowledge Upto 2021

And that is absolutely wrong. The current PM of the UK is Rishi Sunak. 

From this experiment, it’s evident that it can’t produce information from 2022 or even 2023. 

(ii) Biased Responses 

At the end of the day, ChatGPT is a bot. And it’s common sense that an AI bot can’t be 100% accurate. The answer that it produces is a combination of millions or even billions of websites. 

Yes, we agree that ChatGPT or any other AI-generated bot can generate informative content, but it lacks-

  • Context
  • Personalization
  • Depth
  • Uniqueness
  • Informal tone
  • Nuances in conversation
  • Arguments

It can’t write something that it hasn’t been trained on. So you can’t blindly go by the answers produced by this bot. All you can do is draw references from it and rewrite it on your own. 

(iii) OpenAI’s Official Explanations – ChatGPT’s Drawbacks 

Let’s Quote from OpenAI’s official statement about the potential drawbacks of ChatGPT-

ChatGPT sometimes writes plausible-sounding but incorrect or nonsensical answers. Fixing this issue is challenging, as: (1) during RL training, there’s currently no source of truth; (2) training the model to be more cautious causes it to decline questions that it can answer correctly; and (3) supervised training misleads the model because the ideal answer depends on the model knows, rather than what the human demonstrator knows.

ChatGPT is sensitive to tweaks to the input phrasing or attempting the same prompt multiple times. For example, given one phrasing of a question, the model can claim not to know the answer, but given a slight rephrase, can answer correctly.

The model is often excessively verbose and overuses certain phrases, such as restating that it’s a language model trained by OpenAI. These issues arise from biases in the training data (trainers prefer longer answers that look more comprehensive) and well-known over-optimization issues. 

Ideally, the model would ask clarifying questions when the user provided an ambiguous query. Instead, our current models usually guess what the user intended.

While we’ve made efforts to make the model refuse inappropriate requests, it will sometimes respond to harmful instructions or exhibit biased behavior. We’re using the Moderation API to warn or block certain types of unsafe content, but we expect it to have some false negatives and positives for now. We’re eager to collect user feedback to aid our ongoing work to improve this system.

Reviews Of ChatGPT

Since its inception, ChatGPT has created a lot of buzzes. Some people are in favor of this bot, whereas some have extensively criticized this tool. 

Positive Reviews

  • New York Times penned “the best artificial intelligence chatbot ever released to the general public”.
  • According to the Guardian, ChatGPT can create “impressively detailed” and “human-like” text.
  • According to the Atlantic, ChatGPT is “Breakthroughs of the Year” for 2022”.
  • Cited The Information, “Microsoft Binge is planning to incorporate optional ChatGPT functionality by 2023.”
  • If we go by New York Times – Google has internally raised alarming concerns among its core members. 
  • “ChatGPT is the general public’s first hands-on introduction to how powerful modern AI has gotten, and as a result, many of us are (stunned)” and that “ChatGPT is smart enough to be useful despite its flaws” – Kelsey Piper from the Fox website has quoted this. 

Negative Reviews 

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela has recently inquired about the most popular South Indian breakfast on ChatGPT. In response, the bot has shared – idli, doa, vada, and biryani. He disagreed with the answer, and later, the chatbot accepted it was a mistake – “You are right. It is not classified as a tiffin dish in south India.” Mr. Nadela further added – “You cannot insult me by saying Biryani is a breakfast item.” The chatbot apologizes, “I’m sorry.” 

The question-answering platform Stack Overflow banned the use of ChatGPT for generating answers to questions. 

Noted Economist Tyler Cowen expressed his concern that writing auto-generated comments can negatively hamper the decision-making process. 

Microsoft’s Association With ChatGPT

Microsoft’s Association With ChatGPT

Microsoft is set to make Bing a mighty search engine with the collaboration of OpenAI’s groundbreaking ChatGPT chatbot technology! 

After investing $1 billion in OpenAI in 2019, the two organizations have been striving jointly to streamline GPT into Bing – and the new feature is expected to launch by the end of March. 

This will give Microsoft a huge edge over Google and could help Bing evolve into a top search engine.

Conclusion – Will ChatGPT Replace Google? 

For the time being, the answer is NO. But why?Google is a search engine, whereas ChatGPT is a human replacement AI. So there is a clear distinction between the core functionality of both.

Google works around its entire ecosystem

  • Google Maps

  • Gmail

  • Google Drive

  • Google Sheets

  • Google Slide

  • Google ads are also a deadly weapon for marketers

So, it’s seemingly impossible that ChatGPT can replace everything right away.

Open will launch paid version:

Another important aspect of this conversation is that Google is free for everyone. But ChatGPT is planning to launch its paid version in the future. 

  • The pro version of ChatGPT will be faster and more reliable. 

  • There won’t be any blackout period.

  • We can probably experience a 2X daily message limit. 

Look, you never know what is going to happen in the future. But, for the time being, it sounds far-fetched that Google will be replaced by a bot entirely.

Who knows that in the future, we can experience a hybrid model of the search feature and AI chatbots.

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