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Farewell Disavow Links Feature in Bing Webmaster Tools

Do you manage your site’s link profile using Bing Webmaster Tools?

If so, you should know of a significant change coming in October 2023.

Bing Webmaster Tools is bidding farewell to its disavow links feature.

So, here is what you need to know.

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Back in 2012, Bing introduced the disavow links feature, a game-changer for webmasters. The disavow links feature is retiring, but Bing continues to provide valuable information. In particular, it countered negative SEO attacks (creating or purchasing spammy backlinks).

Bing’s AI Evolution

Fast-forward to the present and Bing has a new strategy. Artificial intelligence can now distinguish natural from unnatural links, they claim.

This development is a testament to the rapid progress in AI technology. Bing’s updated algorithms can understand the “context and intent” behind links. In other words, it can spot legitimate links and flag unreliable or unnatural ones.

The Implication For Website Owners

For website owners, this means a significant shift in link management. You can now trust Bing’s AI to discount low-quality links automatically. With automated link audits, you save time and resources.

Upholding Bing’s Guidelines

Yet, it would be best if you didn’t ignore Bing’s guidelines for link schemes, link buying, and link spam. It’s crucial to remain vigilant and ensure that your linking practices align with Bing’s rules. Bing may delist your website if you do not comply.

Insights Through Backlink Reports

Although the disavow links feature may be retiring, Bing will continue to provide valuable information. The backlink report feature will still offer insights into your link profiles. This feature can help you stay informed about your site’s linking activity.

A Word From Bing

Bing Webmaster Tools Principal Program Manager Fabrice Canel thanks users for their support. He encourages users to provide feedback and ask questions through Bing’s help centre or support channels.

Essentially, Bing aims to ensure a seamless transition and continued support for webmasters.

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